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  Calyx_fml  |  21

No, that's not it at all. Karma is anything that keeps us attached to identifying the thoughts and feelings from our mind as the root of our self. It is this attachment to our own minds that keeps us "reincarnating" from moment to moment, out of the dead past into the living present rather than merely living eternally now. In this regard, so called good karma is just as much an impediment to realizing this truth as bad karma. There is no good and bad, only attached and detached. At least that's my understanding of it.

  cradle6  |  13

29-There's different beliefs about karma in different doctrines. In early Hinduism and Buddhism, it seemed Karma was a rationalization for the just world phenomenon (this is the belief that everyone gets what they deserve in life).

That way, you didn't need to help anyone, as they brought their suffering upon themselves in a previous life.

  Hardwaregeek  |  0

Also yoga was not about gaining muscle and losing weight, it was about finding enlightenment and peace. Buddhism incorporates reincarnation, however I think it is described as being a "bundle of energy" passed along

  white16sox  |  19

103, if you knew ANYTHING about Buddhism, you would know that Buddha isn't a god in that religion. He is like Muhammad in Islamic religions and Elijah in Christian religions. He was a messenger from God to the Earth in Buddhism. But hey you are obviously ignorant to actual knowledge.

  addiizcherry  |  0

Actually, Buddhism can be a religion, or a way of life. The buddhist way of life is basically give up all worldly desires, and that Siddhartha Guatama was a teacher, not a god. The buddhist religion believes Siddhartha was a god.

  theguy33  |  1

Well karma isn't real and neither is budhism, no matter how many people practice in it the world it's not getting you anywhere. (I believe in Christianity)

  from_srilanka  |  7

You must be the definition of stupid! Please think before you talk next time. In Buddhism, Lord Buddha isn't a god. He was human being who taught the correct way of life. And, in Buddhism there is no ONE god who is powerful above all. In Buddhism, it teaches that everything is temporary, even gods.

  Sonata90  |  26

#164, it must be nice being smarter than other people. I don't care if the commenter was right or wrong, but you calling others online "the definition of stupid" only makes you a bully. Everyone should be entitled to their opinions without having to deal with people like you.

By  perdix  |  29

The bee was pissed that you stole its wax to make the candle.

Otherwise, karma knows that you are secretly gleeful that your friend is having a rough time.

  someone_cool  |  6

Well, it didn't have anger management problems, he was suicidal! Because when bees sting you, they lose their stinger, which is like taking poison to them! So, I feel sorry for the bees friends and relatives, and you OP of course!


My best friend was a bee. He always got made fun of, because he was yellow and black, while my hive was black and yellow. He had to join a gang to feel protected.. The Wasps. Well, he got into stealing honey, and being smoked, which only gave him more depression. One day I came by ... and ... he had ripped his stinger out.

-True story.

  piccalo  |  4

Karma is a phenomenon which gives a relationship to our deeds and our luck.what I meant here by luck is what will happen to us unexpected.If u did good deeds you will get good luck.bad deeds bad luck.Important thing about this is it will not occur immediately.we do a lot of deeds everyday which may be good or bad.The relative effect of all these will come as luck.If we do good more we will get good luck and viceversa. The problem is we do not notice good luck often. But we worry about bad luck which results in what #9 said about karma.