By ouch - 24/07/2013 18:03 - United States - Sterling

Today, I spontaneously got my ear pierced. By spontaneously, I mean my 12-year-old sister stabbed one of her earrings into my ear while I was sleeping. She claimed the freckle on my earlobe looks "exactly the same" as the hole from her ear piercing. FML
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At least now you don't have to pay someone to do it now.

Sinister child you've come across there.


At least now you don't have to pay someone to do it now.

Yeah. Just wipe off the blood, ignore the chronic pain and your set

thenomad 7

31- It would be more of an acute pain. I pity the person who would suffer from chronic pain due to an ear piercing.

salazara 10

Give her a pat on the back......she is now officially a professional body piercer! She should be made a dame! Here Ye Here Ye!

Laurenluvz 11

And who cares about the possible infections!

ILoveMyArm 15

But..but... what about the other ear?

Actually... I thought it felt pretty damn good when I had my earlobes pierced...

#54, hoping OP is a guy, there would only be need for one ear to be pierced.

Sinister child you've come across there.

Reminds me of the sour patch kids commercial. Where they are sour (cutting one pig tail) then sweet (giving a hug).

SwaggCapone 11

What the ****? I have never seen that messed up commercial. Time for YouTube.

Your daughter was just trying to improve your look by stabbing your ear with something cute and sparkly, don't worry, it just shows that she cares :D

Yes because stabbing someone is always a way to show love :)

Most men stab the woman they love, so yeah, it is.

That is one of the best comments I have ever seen.

can't stop snorting at that thought!

flashback.miss 28

give her a piercing on her nose.

Pstraka6 20

Ever heard of the child of rage? That's violence. This is just ill measured banter... The purpose wasn't to spite OP.

Oouch... Guess you might as well get one to match then...

maybe her brother can do the other ear

I would make sure you don't have any more freckles that resemble piercings to avoid any surprises in the future. In the mean time, you should make sure you're in your room with the door locked before you fall asleep. Just as a precaution.

Unfortunately, not all of us can have locks on our doors, so we just have to hope no family member is going to start attacking us with vengeance.

Ad she didn't notice a significantly greater resistance when jamming the earring in the "hole"?

vballgirly28 16

Umm....has your sister done this before. Because it seems as though she might've. Once violent always violent.