By caempa - 29/12/2010 18:13 - Australia

Today, I was taking my earrings out and thought I had lost the back of one. Turns out my ear infection has caused the flesh of my ear to grow around and engulf the back of my earring and it is still stuck in there. FML
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That sounds really disgusting.

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Nothing a good reliable knife can't fix in the shower one morning. C'mon princess, this is the time to prove to the world that you have some LADY BALLS!

I had a similar experience except mine grew over the top doctor ripped it right out the back, bled a fair bit but it was over and done with fairly quick

This happened to me when I was 11 or so.. I thought the back had fallen out so I put a new one in. Turns out it was inside my earlobe and almost had to have it cut off from the infection.

Why wearing earrings when you have an ear infection ? D:

That's what I wondered. I know this can happen without an infection but to leave it in while you have one seems like asking for trouble.

You're actually supposed to leave them in when you have an infection. If you take them out, the infection will become trapped inside your ear and can go into your blood stream, which can result in death. Take your cleaning up a notch and go to a doctor if it becomes worse.

I know you're supposed to leave them in when you have an small infection (like when you just got the piercing), but when it's that bad you should take them off and go to the doctor. For it to engulf the entire back of the earring, it kind of doubt the infection just started...

Actually, it can happen within a matter of a day or two. The backing of the earring can disappear in a matter of hours. The piercings sound relatively new, so she shouldn't really be taking them out in the first place. Leave them in and see a doctor. If they need to be removed, the doctor will do them.

Oh, it does. Different parts of the body heal at different paces, so a cut on your arm or leg can take days, but one on your ear would be a lot faster. A tongue piercing can heal in under an hour. Do you not remember the girl whose earrings healed over while she slept? It's happened to me too. I'm referencing from personal experience, what I've heard at the doctors, and the piercer I went to.

it's not that the skin 'grows', it's that the infection swells the skin over the back. you've never had anything swell up?

i've heard that when you have an ear infection, you get the earrings you got your ears pierced with (or just any studs that dont make the infection worse, so like no cheap earrings) and put neosporin on them and put them in your ears and leave them in when you sleep, shower, and everything until your infection goes away! but keep reapplying neosporin. my ears always get badly infected and this is what i do. works everytime as long as you leave the earrings in!! and keep neosporin on

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lol at 91's comment I was just about to ask that.

redbluegreen is right, however it sounds like op put the earrings in knowing she had an infection and this just irritated it to that point. regardless, redbluegreen is correct that it can only take a day or two for the infection to engulf the earring, it all depends on thr type of infection and what caused it. my question is why op is on the computer and not at the hospital having it removed before it becomes completely lodged in there and requires actual surgery as opposed to a small incision....

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Well actually, my skin grew over the front of one of my earrings and it only took about two hours. My friend and I sat and watched it! You could only see the back of my earring sticking out. I left it in and went to the doctor, who had to cut it out. :/

This exact thing happened to me! It's actually kinda hard to notice, but I got the backs taken out by my piercer and gold hoops put in. Healed in no time :)

Why would you sit and watch this happen?!? And not do anything before it was so bad it had to be cut out?

I've had that happen to me twice... i had to push the earring back through the skin. it hurt soo bad!

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I did that too...I was so freaked out.

Happened to me before I was a teen.. my dad had to work on pushing the back out while cleaning the puss away >.<

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it happened to me too when I was like 5. it sucked

oi! that sounds gross D: but yeah you shouldn't have been wearing earrings

no she should use the anti bacterial spray u get to prevent the ear infection

That happened to me when I was 8. Painful. You really just need to disinfect before pushing it through. It hurts, but do it so it doesn't get worse.

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Um.....A few things: 1) Why are you wearing earrings if you have that bad of an infection? 2) Why haven't you seen a doctor? You obviously haven't because they would have told you not to wear earrings in the first place 3) What kind of dumbass do you have to be to not notice a piece of metal being meshed into the back of your earlobe??? You are very unintelligent.

wow critical! lose the gut and grow some chest lol

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She could have just got her ears pierced. I just had mine done the other day and they say you have to leaving for six weeks. This is when ear infections are the most common.

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It takes a lot of neglect for something like this to happen. I'd like to hear your explanation when you go through the metal detector at the airport.

"I'm more than just a ordinary fleshy human, much more than that."

bet shes gonna have a lot of pat-downs in her future.

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Ok, so why are you wearing earrings if you have an ear infection? You need to see a doctor.