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Today, I was telling my dad about how annoying it was to constantly have my ten-year-old cousin message me about her new boyfriend, when he suddenly bursts out laughing about how she can get a boyfriend at ten, and I have never even kissed a guy and I'm seventeen. FML
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Seventeen is so young. Just enjoy life. You aren't forever alone, OP, and I doubt a ten-year-old's relationship has any chance of lasting. Chin up!

Lots of people are in that same situation, so don't feel too bad. It'll happen eventually


How would he know? Haha that's what you should tell him :)

Then randomly let a condom 'fall' from your pocket a few days later. He may win that round but you will win the war!!!

While quite dastardly, #6, I do not think that that will help OP at all.

Nickb55 16

Do 10 year olds know what condoms are?

I don't think #6 was referring to the 10 year old...

I think #6 had his comment steered towards OP. The person who actually wrote the FML.

#19, I don't want to say she's a ****, but facts are facts. She's got another new girlfriend or boyfriend every couple of days, and from what people tell me, she ***** more than half of them.

What's wrong with you? When I was in middle school everyone had a boy/girlfriend for only a few days. It didn't mean everyone was a ****, it meant everyone was immature.

And all the middle school relationships weren't even serious. When you were asked out, it was through a friend. They're not ***** for being stupid.

1- why wouldnt he know? some people do this funny thing called "communicating."

#102 not everyone gives their father regular updates on who they've played tonsil hockey with.

Lots of people are in that same situation, so don't feel too bad. It'll happen eventually

Women who wait are often more respected too and end up being the lucky ones when it comes to dating

Plus, keep in mind you're comparing yourself to a *10* year old. What do they do? Sit together at recess?

Rainhawk94 27

Lots of people are in far far worse than that situation

#24, There actually are sexually active ten year olds. Is now and has been in the past, that's life. And it gives me the shivers.

Laurenluvz 11

Yeah! (Referring to the original comment) I mean, I'm 16 and I haven't really had my first kiss either. It's nothing to be ashamed of, really. Though I assume it's not your fault, it's better to take things slow before things get out of control. It's like the overused term "better safe than sorry." I would rather be how I am now for now than worry if there's a chance I could be pregnant.

Laurenluvz 11

Oh and when I say "your" I mean OP. That completely slipped past me. My apologies!

Bigfabthetruth52 22

hell yeah there are and were.especially where I'm from.but its part of a life style its how people are brought up and the way kids view relationships early on in even though,and especially back then,being the introverted shy person that i am i never really fell sub ceptable to the pressure that encouraged that kind of thing.due to the way i was raised by my two parents.there were lessons i got really appreciative also when i went through highschool when i would see first hand how my friends, male and female, would psychologically damage one another with sexual tendencies hurtful conversations many other demonstrative ways of treating one another which is why i always was of a mindset of taking things slow.

I concurr. Had my first kiss at 18. Now I am happily married (not to the same guy). All in good time, OP :)

jazzy_123 20

17, I couldn't disagree more. When it comes to dating, your partner will treat you the way you treat yourself and allow others to treat you. Personally , I don't let people bad-mouth me and always stick up for myself, so I can only remember one time a man was disrespectful to me and I kicked him to the curb. My friend on the other hand is a people-pleaser so his ex would walk all over him.

Yeah, I'm my boyfriend's first kiss and we started dating when he was 21 :) that stuff doesn't matter so much. Also, #17 that's a really old school view of things, and I know that people still think that way, but it's really gross. Basically you are saying women deserve less respect if they are romantic or sexual from a young age. What about men? That mentality really goes back to when women were thought of as property, and why still in some countries women are prosecuted for being raped because now they are "damaged goods"

falon142012 22

Same here! I didn't date anyone or anything until I was 17. Then I started dating this guy. Now we're very happily married. :-) So OP, be patient. Someone will be happy you waited!

120: When you said you didn't date anything until you were 17, I had this mental image of you sitting down at a dinner table with a lamp. "Oh, I love the new bulb you're wearing, darling. It looks very hot on you." No? I'll show myself out then...

Seventeen is so young. Just enjoy life. You aren't forever alone, OP, and I doubt a ten-year-old's relationship has any chance of lasting. Chin up!

10 is way too young to date. It's better to not have a boyfriend at 17, OP! At least you'll know what love is when you encounter it.

At ten, dating consists of holding hands in the hall, partnering up for projects, and walking home together after school.

^ I wouldn't be so sure of that. When I went to the pool last time there was two ten year olds making out and in the change room two 12 year olds discussing blow jobs.. really creeped me out. There are sexually active kids in that range.. in my opinion it's just nasty...

@31 Yeah. My mom is a third grade teacher and a child was recently expelled for grabbing girls hands and shoving them down his pants. Not all kids are cute and innocent... Mind you, this young boy was 8.

34-- did they just expel the kid or find out where he learned that from? At that age, it sounds like a learned behavior.

jazzy_123 20

I believe when teachers catch children doing that, they should investigate the parents instead o taking it out on the child. When my friend was small, her babysitter would have sex in front of them. Fortunately, my friend didn't end up messed up in the head or anything, but there's an example of influence.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

in front of them?i wont even try to understand their methods of thinking when they decided to do that.well ok ill try because that situation just makes my mind wonder,what would make u feel like it was ok to start getting it in blatantly in front of a kid it must of been some inebriated modes of thinking that's all i gotta say.

Well at least it saves u money on valentines day

Yeah they should investigate the parents too, but the kid should also be punished. Otherwise he'll go on thinking that behavior is okay. 8 year olds have a sense of right and wrong.

Nickb55 16

I am a guy who hasn't even dated anyone and I am 17, OP. I am not upset though since I know that if I had found the right person I would be dating them already, it's not our time yet. Kepp your chin up.

I agree with #4. Lol I'm in the same situation as well. 17 and never dated or kissed. That right person will come along, OP

christge1beast 17

I've only recently turned 18, and before that have never dated anyone, much less kiss. I now have a girlfriend. You'll find someone OP.

Never dated nor kissed anyone till I was 18. That guy's my boyfriend of 3 years now. :) no rush, when the time comes it'll be great :)

I'm now 18 and I'm in the same situation. I've not had my first kiss nor dated yet. I'm actually rather proud of that fact. It doesn't bother me because I know I haven't met anyone special yet. It's okay, Op, you aren't alone!! I believe that a first kiss should be something you won't forget. My sister is younger than I am(she is 17) and she doesn't even remember how old she was when she had her first kiss. Just be patient(:

It's not like It's a bad thing that you have not had your first kiss. It'll happen eventually, OP, no sweat. Keep your chin up. :)

KeannaLove 32

There is nothing wrong with not kissing anyone at 17 OP. It will happen in time, and when it does, it will be all that better. As for your cousin, I would start supplying her with condoms and birth control early.

Sorry he was so insensitive. Sometimes people don't realize how hurtful words can be.

10 years old already with a boyfriend? Seems rather young. If it's puppy love/ a crush okay but if she's already kissing at that age? I'd worry more about her than you.

I wouldn't necessarily worry about that. There's a difference between simple kisses and make-out sessions.

An Apple? An Ant? Well come on, 91, what was she?!

Don't worry op, love will find you eventually.

I know this feel. My sisters a **** at 14, and I haven't kissed a girl at 18. People give me shit all the time.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

and they seem to be throwing that shade on here as well,I'm sorry to hear that be highly upset with my if i heard that kind of shit about my little sister if i had one. i know i would with my older one.

I'd give you shit too for calling your sister a **** #13. If you treat your own sibling like that, I can't imagine how you'd treat a girl not related to you. Maybe that's the reason why girls don't want you.

#52, it's not like I want to call her a ****, but she's got a new girl or boyfriend every couple of days, and from what I hear, she ***** half of them Facts are facts, whether you avoid them or not.

Wow seriously? So you think that justifies you calling her a ****? I feel bad for her to have you as a brother. She is your sister for crying out loud! Maybe instead of being judgmental, you should ask her why she does it and warn her of the danger she puts herself into (STDs or unplanned pregnancies for instance), in one word, be a caring big brother! Besides, it sounds to me that you only hear rumours and you take them for facts. How sweet of you. If she truly sleeps around, maybe there is something wrong with her and you should look out for her. I think that 14 is too young to be sexually active but I totally disagree with someone calling women ****** because they have multiple partners. It’s the 21st century, not medieval times. Women are allowed to do whatever they want with their body. Plus, if she was a boy, would you call him a **** too?

I wish I could thumb you up more, 64. That was really well said, and something I wish I had knowledge about when I was younger. I feel really bad about **** shaming an old friend I had when we were 14 and she was sexually active. It was just her doing what she wanted with her own body, and she knew perfectly well the bad consequences of sex and she avoided them. So it was really none of my business. I wish I could have a conversation with my younger self about that.

Axel5238 29

I agree with you find out the rumors are true. Though while having multiple partners does not constitute a "****" just because they have hard more partners. But loosely hooking up and sleeping with people in general is considered slutty. The fact men do it is terrible and a lot of woman justify bad ideas of one night stands because men do it. It's not good behavior to be emulated no matter what. Regardless, bad choices should not without some sort of shame. I had a male friend in college that slept with a lot of people we called him a man ***** and advised female friends who asked us not to sleep with him. He got a reputation for his behavior and eventually he had difficulty finding someone to hook up with.

64 - Honestly, if a 14 year old boy had a new sexual partner every week I would call him a **** too. It isn't a term exclusively used for women. And just because someone is related to you doesn't mean you have to support their bad decisions.

Axel5238 29

Slut shaming is bullshit really. All to often it's used by women who use it as a defense to make questionable decisions when it comes to sleep with people. Just because you think it is a good idea doesn't mean it is. The men who constantly have one night stands should not be the basis for sexual morals and justification of shitty behavior.