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  rhysfucker  |  24

I wonder what other decisions OP's daughter 'makes' by using poor behavior...

Can't watch football 'cause it scares Becka. Can't eat fish 'cause Becka thinks it's Nemo. Can't wear a blue shirt 'cause Becka thinks blue is Satan's color.


I'm kinda surprised your comment was so much thumbed up and I wonder how many parents were in the lot. If a little child is utterly terrified of something, you don't force them to do it. It's just plain cruel. She was not having a tantrum, she was scared of what she probably saw as a big monster.
Try to relate as an adult, imagine being terrified of spiders and having to be dragged to a place where you just found out tarantulas are creeping around.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

I was always scared of those characters. Not screaming scared, but thankfully I wasn't made to go near them.
They still creep me out. Being exposed to them didn't magically cure that.

  FracturedMinds  |  21

I'd have to agree with this one. It's a child, you're an adult. Drag the child in, within about 10 minutes she'll have found something to have fun with. FYL that your kid is scared, but YDI for letting your kid dictate what you do.