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Today, our family went to a water park. The park's mascot came up to greet us, and my daughter got scared. She then refused to go inside, so we had no choice but to leave. FML
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That's when you drag her in so the other members of your family days aren't ruined...

mimiminx 23

YDI. No one should let small children dictate to them.


Why did you leave out parenting as an option?

That's when you drag her in so the other members of your family days aren't ruined...

I agree. She would've probably also had a good time once she got there.

Option 99, Lock her in the car, and the rest of your party go have a good time. Then y'all can rub it in about the great time you had.

"Lock her in a car" - what is your problem?

I wonder what other decisions OP's daughter 'makes' by using poor behavior... Can't watch football 'cause it scares Becka. Can't eat fish 'cause Becka thinks it's Nemo. Can't wear a blue shirt 'cause Becka thinks blue is Satan's color.

Agreed, as my father always said, "you better quit crying before I give you something to cry about."

I also agree. Maybe if she saw how much fun everybody was having without her she would join in.

Lol #19. In some states it is Illegal to leave a child in a car unattended.

I'm kinda surprised your comment was so much thumbed up and I wonder how many parents were in the lot. If a little child is utterly terrified of something, you don't force them to do it. It's just plain cruel. She was not having a tantrum, she was scared of what she probably saw as a big monster. Try to relate as an adult, imagine being terrified of spiders and having to be dragged to a place where you just found out tarantulas are creeping around.

#21 That's why I skipped options 4 thru 98 Hang her upside down from a tree, ask some stranger to watch her, have her arrested.......

That is right don't let that tail wag the dog

#80 give me a BREAK! A little girl is NOT going to dictate what the other members of the family will do! Like any other kid, she'll GET OVER IT.

I was always scared of those characters. Not screaming scared, but thankfully I wasn't made to go near them. They still creep me out. Being exposed to them didn't magically cure that.

mimiminx 23

YDI. No one should let small children dictate to them.

I'd have to agree with this one. It's a child, you're an adult. Drag the child in, within about 10 minutes she'll have found something to have fun with. FYL that your kid is scared, but YDI for letting your kid dictate what you do.

Ummm actually it depends. My daughter is still terrified of Tweety 7 years after being accosted at a theme park.

Second time my comment vanish into thin air, Best regards former #1

Should've ignored her and just go inside. I'm sure she would have been thankful afterwards.

JMichael 25

I'm sure she would have been fine after going inside and seeing all the fun things to do.

How can you be "sure" of that? Do you know OP's daughter personally?

deathstroke990 22

15, most young kids are happy at water parks..

15, really? I'm sure that she, as would any other child, would've been happy if her parents ran the show instead of her.

I would have assured her she'll have fun once you go inside..

Ummm pretty sure she would have have tried that first.