By PoeticPathetic - 16/04/2014 02:28 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I sat and watched the CEO of DreamWorks on TV misuse words such as "quantum". He's filthy rich, whereas I'm a savagely underpaid gardener. FML
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I'm the OP Where I live a lot of my peers went to uni and ended up with jobs that pay even less than mine. Tradies get the big dollars in my state

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"Today, I sat and watched" There's your problem.

Sadly, most of the CEOs in this world just have the grunts do the real work. They're intellectually equivalent to a potato.


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Or do what makes so much money you can't help but love it...

Maybe OP loves gardening? I'm pretty sure most gardeners are underpaid, especially the ones who actually work hard and know what they're doing. So I think those ones are allowed to complain about their wages.

pick a career that isn't savagely underpaid, or quit your bitchin

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you can come over and be my gardener, ;)

49- does your garden need some landscaping or plowing? Sorry couldn't resist :)

Just because he's a gardener doesn't mean he isn't trying. FYI it's not easy to become rich following your dreams or even by "trying" with all you've got. The point of the FML is that a lot of, if not most rich and successful people got there not by intelligence or even skill but by sheer luck.

Sadly, most of the CEOs in this world just have the grunts do the real work. They're intellectually equivalent to a potato.

There's no need to insult potatoes like that.

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Having worked for a small-scale chain store, I can confirm that #2 is right. Our CEO is the most disappointing person I've met. Oh and please insult turnips instead; no one likes those.

My apologies sir. No need to be starchy about it.

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You guys are entertaining and full of good puns.

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Try not to have s chip on your shoulder... Other than #22, I don't know who'll be more insulted, Idaho or Irish...

"Today, I sat and watched" There's your problem.

I don't think taking an hour off and watching tv to relax is a problem.

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Or it Coulda been at night in bed. Or after work. Or on a Saturday. OP is a Gardner not the president. It's not really a 24/7 job you tool. But yeah a lot of people do nothing.

He's just stating that you don't get far in life by sitting and watching others.

You know why Lamborghini doesn't make car commercials? Because the people who can afford them aren't sitting around watching tv.

Actually, #50 that is what #36 stated.

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78, Lamborghini doesn't openly advertise because the average person can't afford to pay $400,000 for a car with no trunk that gets 11 miles to the gallon.

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Try hard to maybe get a better job. Go back to school. This world has many opportunities and you just have to find what you do best and make it happen! Cheer up OP

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I wish that was still true. School costs tens of thousands of dollars per semester. A bachelor degree takes at least 8 semesters. Can anyone who isn't a filthy rich CEO afford to spend $80,000 to *maybe* get a better job? Honestly, the market is 50% skill and 50% luck. Maybe even 75% luck. You have to be in the right place at the right time with the right person. And a lot of people have family, so they can't just up and move to make themselves be in the right place. I wish trying hard was enough, but it simply isn't in most cases.

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More to the point, knowing how to use the word 'quantum' didn't help OP to get a good job, so what good is more education going to do?

while I will agree college is expensive I would hate to know what kind of colleges you have looked at that cost tens of thousands of dollars each semester. I'm currently working on my masters degree and the entire 18 month program is only costing me $10k and my undergrad that took me 8 semesters to complete cost $23k

#31 - being in australia, the OP has the option of HECS fees so we dont have to pay up front. & my bachelors degree is only taking six semesters, so three years. also, im certainly not paying anywhere near $80,000 to do my degree. when i've finished, it'll be between the $10 - $15,000 range.

There is a college tuition crisis in the US, especially in my state of California. Being out-of-state, the University I attended cost me $48,000 a year.

Build a quantum garden, show him who's boss.

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Get used to it. There are a lot of people who are not super smart but have very good work ethics and are rich as a result.

I think you got it backwards. you don't always climb the ladders of wealth by being a good boy :) infact you almost never do. and I say "almost never" because I like tp believe people like Bill Gates and Walt Disney we're the exceptions.

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Disney is a little questionable, he was a tad racist and sexist, but that was normal for his time (not that that excuses it). Bill Gates on the other hand is very charitable.

It's actually who you know, who you're willing to ****, or the ability to be political (in the sense of taking the right side or right team) in most cases for climbing the corporate ladders. There are people that make it up through sheer work buts it's much rarer. And you should never get used to anything that's why inadequate persons become elected officials and the populous gets screwed, not demanding change (just one example). Tirade complete.

He was also willing to completely sabotage any competition. It's because of him and Microsoft that people seriously believe that getting viruses on a computer is somehow normal.

#112, No, people believe that getting viruses is normal because someone out there is always smart enough to make one. No matter how much time you spend working on security, someone will alwas spend more time trying to break it.

being poor at english is no guarantee of lacking skills in unrelated fields

Bill gates and Steve jobs never had a secondary education. Bill gates flunked out of Harvard. And Steve jobs left school after high school. Sometimes things like this just happen. And to all those who are saying that the op doesn't have a secondary education or he should go back to school, for all you know he could be a chemical engineer that loves gardening or due to the lack of jobs because I the economy couldn't find one in his field. (If someone says he should go to canada or the U.S. I have news for you there are plenty I people who have degrees from other countries that Canada and the U.S. wont accept because they feel that the education system in other countries is lax. It's not. I am in Canada and grew up on the British schooling system in Scotland. I was 3 years ahead of people I was put in class with.) Sorry for the rant but hopefully all works out for the OP in the end whatever they decide to do.

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Jobs went to college for a time, but dropped out. That's where he met his wife.

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Gates dropped out, he did not "flunk out".

People with a college degree wind up working for people without a college degree. Work smarter, not harder. Fancy diplomas are no substitution for true talent, determination, and entrepreneurial mindset (and yes, luck). They do, however, make you desirable for the "safe, stable" positions that are necessary but will never make you remarkable or hugely successful. Education-less CEOs still need smarty-pants accountants to crunch numbers and make them richer!

Maybe if you got off your ass you'd be doing something better huh?

never sat down to watch tv in your life? he said he works, he probably had a big day gardening

10- Maybe if you got off your ass, you wouldn't be wasting the time you're spending here on FML? Like 14 already said, you've never sat down and parked yourself in front of the boob tube for an hour or so? Never ever stopped to take a rest ever in your entire life? Get real.

#34, i think you misunderstood what i was trying to say. i didn't say anything about OP not being able to sit and enjoy themselves for a bit. What i meant to say was that OP should stop complaining about what they are and start working towards something they could be

Except that they can only become rich by the slightest technicality. American capitalism is currently designed to make it completely impossible to become wealthy.

All that is holding you back from being better than him are three things in my opinion; Motivation , Persistence and the secret ingredient I'd like to call "Timing" , the first two you can get if you really wanted to, the 3rd one is tricky.

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Or, you know, actual skills and qualifications. All we know is that OP is good at gardening and apparently knows how to use the word 'quantum'. This does not qualify them to become the CEO of a large business and manage their affairs.

I think it's implied that the motivation and persistence will drive an individual to acquire the skills and qualifications needed to be successful. Thought that was the point.