By JCruz411 - 21/01/2010 13:10 - France

Today, I talked to my ex on AIM after not speaking to her since we broke up two years ago. The conversation lead up to her asking how I feel about her. So I poured my heart and soul out to her, because I still love her. She immediately logged off. FML
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heitone_fml 0

:| I know you weren't trying to creep her out, but when you're talking to her for the first time in two years, I don't think it's a good idea to "pour [your] heart and soul out to her"...

Drea_Gucci 0

She sucks so much. you desver better


urikuh17 0


to your ASS-MAR.

txgirl09 5

I love a good Lord of the Flies reference. =0)

AshliBaby16 0


Don't worry, she didn't logout. She just blocked you. :-D But seriously, FYL

pattywat 0

owww fuck you idoit

lmao "idoit" Smooth move, ace.

cucuto89 0

YDI for using AIM, i havent used that for 8 years.

Drea_Gucci 0

She sucks so much. you desver better

Yeah, OP. You totally desver better.

no i'm agreeing with her, if you didn't hear from her for two years would you not have got the message that she's just not that into you!

He didn't talked to her either for 2 years, and was he "INTO 'ER"?

Well you don't know how deep the love~ went but err I gotta agree OP that's just well.. scary. If you just said: 'I still regret we broke up' than she would've known you still cared for her but she wouldn't be freaked out. You POURED your hart and soul out? After 2 years that's just.. wow you need to let it go, she obviously doesn't feel the same about you (probably the one who decided to break up)

Flutist 3

A hart is an animal. So if he poured his hart out then he is a psycho who kills animals and pours them through computer screens. No wonder she signed off.

MissNicky_fml 0

what the hell are you talking about?

if you were trying to be

heitone_fml 0

:| I know you weren't trying to creep her out, but when you're talking to her for the first time in two years, I don't think it's a good idea to "pour [your] heart and soul out to her"...

#7: there's a difference between showing emotion and being damned creepy. A biiiig difference. Until you've been on the recieving end of it, you don't know. I have a guy who I told would never have another chance. Im not interested, and Ive moved on. He still IMs me every week or two...even though I don't respond. It's literally been almost 2 years since I even saw the guy. Every time I have talked to him, it's that he may be dating someone else, but it's not me. Orrrr, that he's on meds now for his anger and anxiety. We were seeing each other for a month. That's just creepy. Also, OP: She's your ex for a reason. Move on. to play hard to get with these hoes. Let them know you are doing great, everything is fine, and your dick grew 3 inches over the summer. Watch her crawl me.

#7 speaks truth. This is why we learn not to talk about our feelings and why we never say "I love you" first. OP fell right into a trap he should have seen coming.

If I could favorite a comment, I'd favorite #7's.

#32 is actually does ex dumped me,i did what he said( i did'int listen to him it just naturally happened) and she actually wanted me back...i was like O_O

after two years you just need to let go...

Props to #4 for correctly formatting a quote with brackets! This made my day.

Seannnn 0

hate heartless bitches,

kellianne 0

that sucks but why would you do that in the first place?

damn... what a bitch :| I mean, she was the one who asked so she obviously wanted to know even though you guys haven't talked in 2 years

If a woman I hadn't seen or heard from in 2 years hits me up on AIM and starts telling me how she still loves me and pours out her heart. My first thought is, "stalker material!"

perdix 29

Try working on a better pitch. I think you'll have about two years to work on it. Don't be so mushy. Talk about dirty, dirty things. Once you start nailng her again, then you can lay on the heart and soul crap.

Alright #9 You are a complete tool, and know absoutly noting about women, I hope you die.

perdix 29

Tkim32, you want me to leave my widowed mom without her firstborn son just because I made a joke that was not to your liking? What kind of human being are you?

Yeah Tkim32, have a heart!

there's a good chance you caught her off gaurd and she was freaked give her a chance to think then talk to her in person maybe she will be ready to talk hell I doubt she would have asked if she didn't like u and I she just did it to be a bitch then he don't deserve you and tell her how you and your new girl laughed so hard at her reaction. good luck

flashback.miss 28

ouch.. maybe she was overwhelmed by your great passion and is having multipe orgasms and its wracking her body beyond points of pleasure and pain. mmm your tougnue, your hard 12 incher mmm :/ want my email :)

now THAT'S creepy.

daydreamstar 7

is it possible this someone has been downloading too many bad porno flicks??....... OP.. find someone wholl appreciate you :) *hug*

I think that just made my day haha. and fyl OP we need more guys like you in the world..and less bitches like the girl you've been dating

mmlprsh 0

You don't know what OP said, so it may or may not be that she's a bitch. When some people say the mushy stuff it just makes you cringe, she logged off for a reason. OP, sorry, YDI