By localbarista - 03/08/2011 23:46 - United States

Today, a customer threw his cup of coffee at me screaming that it wasn't hot enough. Well, maybe it wasn't hot enough for him, but it was sure hot enough to burn me. FML
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Shadow_Phantom 26

Wow... what an ass. FYL.

im_bored_tired 12

as kelso would yell... " BURN!!!!!"


Shadow_Phantom 26

Wow... what an ass. FYL.

JayBear14 11

That is definetly a situation you could sue or even call the police for. He was completely out of line. Fyl.

Get a tea-cosy and put it on your head, it'll help

mynameis1339 0

I know man, I don't understand why people like there coffee to be extremely hot! I prefer my coffee warm

Thats when you make him a hotter cup of coffee like he asked, and then accidentally 'slip' on the wet floor from the coffee he just poured onto you, and get it all over the bastard.

juicedboi 7

And that's when you shatter the cup on his face.

Jvr91 8

Throw the coffee pot at him

People like that really make the world seem like a terrible place.

Sounds like a minimum wage job. The kind where you could clock out and beat the ever loving shit out of a customer...

What a bastard!

That's when you make him an even hotter cup, throw at him, then yell "IS IT HOT ENOUGH NOW BITCH?!"

Hahha 4 is a total win! (:

MagicGiraffe 12


have him arrested for assault.

You apologise. You go make him a fresh one. You throw the boiling coffee in his face. Dicks deserve at least that.

I microwave babies.

You should of threw really hot coffee back at him. What a jerk

KrazyLove56 4

but then he or she would get fired

I'm not a grammar nazi but: You should have thrown* Sorry dude

Should have accidentally** thrown really hot coffee...

55, it would have been way worth it to see the look on the guys face lmao

Shadow_Phantom 26

@5: That's hilarious in theory, but then they'd probably both get arrested.

kleider1 9

Not if she uses "self defense after being assaulted with a burning liquid"

It's not self defense if he stopped attacking her. It's just revenge.

if op doesn't chage the offender than he/she probably won't chrage op

a_nutritionist 10

it only works in theory. in reality youd be in shock, or extreme pain, not really thinking about getting back at the person so much as escaping the burning feeling all over your face. by the time you regained your composure long enough to want to beat several shades of shit out of the asshole, theyd be gone. all you can hope for is that someone nearby/coworker prevented them leaving and called the police.

drzhottie148 0

That seems okay

im_bored_tired 12

as kelso would yell... " BURN!!!!!"

AH!!! I LUV U!!!

dudeitsdanny 9

Wow, what an ass... Worst part is that there's probably nothing you can do. Some people are just fucking assholes.

No, that's assault and very illegal, though he might use some excuse like "uh I tripped" and somehow get away with it.

Oh man. What an ass. I hope he gets what's coming to him. No matter how bad a service is, it doesn't give a customer carte blanche to assault an employee.