By kikinemo - 16/01/2010 21:05 - United States

Today, I was telling my cousin about my boyfriend, who plays guitar and sings very well, has dark hair, and wears girl pants. After telling her these things, she's quiet for a moment before she looks at me and says, "So... You're dating a Jonas brother?" FML
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your cousin ftw

but isnt that what were all aiming for to get in girls pants


your cousin ftw

mysterystar 0

... EMO FTW . So what if he wears skinny jeans, I wear them too . Why do people make a big deal about it?. Not everyone wears their clothes the same as you so stfu because not everyone has to wear/like stuff the way you do . -Aniketos wuz here . (HeartBreaker) .

hahahaha from a guy named mysterystar .......someones trying to come out of the closet!

What if you don't want to be a girl, but a cross-dresser?

Girl pants on boy. DO NOT WANT.

but isnt that what were all aiming for to get in girls pants

Firefighter343 0

Skinny jeans does funny things to your testicles boys and girls.

that's so funny!!!

coolcat33 0

your an idiot. guys who where girls pants are fags.!!

YDI for dating a fag.

A guy, that wears girl pants... Are you sure he's not gay? Rofl YDI

For some reason, a lot of girls at my school are attracted to guys who wear skinny jeans. It's actually quite depressing >_>

Again, agreeing with earlier comments, there is a difference between "skinny jeans" and "girl pants" they do make skinny jeans for boys

thelifeline 0

well guys where i live wear girl pants too, there tighter. whatever. And this could so be an mlia.

janise 2

It does make it tighter but it also emphasizes the fact that most guys who wear skinny jeans are lacking in certain departments.

I thought this was more of a MLIA too.

YoungE 0

this is an fml b/c.....?

warriormg12 4

because she just found out shes dating a fag

cause who wants their boyfriend to look like a Jonas Brother ewwww xD

AliceStrange 0

Because her life is, like, totally over now.

How is this an fml?

MoonyIce 0

Oh noes, FYL. How the hell does this inane crap get through?

Epic win........