By Katthebamf - 28/09/2014 14:25 - United Kingdom - Cannock

Today, my dad forgot I was on the back of his motorbike. He did a wheelie and I fell off. FML
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Katthebamf tells us more.

I'm fine we were going around 25mph down a quiet road. I always wear my protective gear so no scrapes just a sore back. Yeah he did forget as I'm quite agile and move well with the bike. When he noticed he stopped and helped me back onto the back to get me home. He's been very apologetic ever since but I take it in good jest as we have a really good relationship. :) thank you for your concern though

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Ouch. Are you OK?

thebigtwinkie 28

how did he forget that? fyl OP, sounds like your dad should pay more attention to his surroundings


Ouch. Are you OK?

jack_jill05 14

copy and paste much? lol

#1 obviously meant to post that HERE and accidentally put it on the other FML. Mistakes can occur.

Impressive how OP got first comment in two consecutive posts.

Contrary to popular belief not all people are perfect.

orbit 22

Did he forget you were there, or did you forget to hold on?

I know your pain, OP. My single parent dropped me when I was born.

Lol you people crack me up

orbit 22

#44 I guess they don't know how trees have babies

thebigtwinkie 28

how did he forget that? fyl OP, sounds like your dad should pay more attention to his surroundings

I'm trying to figure that out too. Even 5 pounds on your back is hard to forget about when riding.

Dude, were you not holding on to him while you were on the bike?

Some people hold the back of the bike when riding, you don't really expect the driver to do a wheelie when you're in the back.

Wheelie or not, you hold on anyway. It's a simple way to ensure your ass stays on the bike.

hopefully you weren't going too fast! I hope all is well, OP

I dont buy it, i sense bs

Did he really forget? Or was he just tired of you being in his personal space bubble?

titandesu 14

should have pulled him down with them as they fell

Lol seems like something my dad would do

You probably shouldn't ride on a motorcycle with him then...

Father of the year right there...

Ya he "forgot"

I just pictured this and couldn't help but laugh. I do hope you're okay though.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Full out belly laugh here. Poor kid.

I've also had a laugh about it don't worry! If it'd been filmed I'd be putting it on YouTube for laughs

Wow, your dad is stupid

not stupid but just a bit careless

that was wheely terrible of him, he better pave'or your medical bills. Sorry OP, fyl and get better soon!

You really spun out of control with these puns

I live in England, lots of free health care!

I hope you're okay. That really sucks and idk how someone could forget they have a passenger right behind them.