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Today, I was talking to my co-workers about how I've sadly been an orphan since an early age. One of them exclaimed, "Hey, just like Batman!" FML
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Why so serious? Let's put'ah SMILE on that face ; )

Dweron93 5

He knows, he must be the joker :O


xxmckenzierae 5

That's not too funny?? At least I don't think it is

xxmckenzierae 5

Batman is the shit though. So maybe you're as cool as him now??? Dunnuna nuna nuna nuna batmannnnnn

xxmckenzierae 5

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xxmckenzierae 5

Lol.. Maybe your new? lt is fml, sweetheart. The interwebz is a popularity contest you will never win. Just sayiiiiiiin

xxmckenzierae 5

No Ive had an FML for a while now. Just recently made the account. Not worried about it ;p just didn't get why it was thumbed down

xCrazyMexican 4

Cuzz they obviously don't like you.

#14 - If you call us assholes, you're not going to get thumbed up. Stop being a thumb ***** and shut up. You're comments are just as bad as your receding hair line...

KriiFahMoro 9

Because you're posting multiple stupid comments. Just stop, you're beating a dead horse here.

41- you don't think you took it a little to far?

#64 - Yes, I didn't have time to edit it...

1- yeah, you should take the hint. Stop commenting

I agree with u 1 , being an orphan isnt funny , especially if someone makes a sarcastic comment about it , he was just informing them he was an orphan since a young age and then someone has to go and mention batman , i mean it is uncalled for , BUT u know everyones allowed their opinions !

bfsd42 20

I'll tell you why it is funny and why op should find it funny too. If op can smile or laugh when a comment like that is made, it would usually mean that she had gotten over her parents death and moved on in a healthy way.

But Batman went on to become a billionaire and THE BATMAN!!! I'd take that part as a compliment.

like those dumb Skyrim knee jokes. "I used to be a kid just like you, til i took a bullet to the parents" - Batman

LilCheeno 15

No batman was a billionaire before his parents died.

xxmckenzierae, sorry about all the thumbs down. Sometimes these people are just jerks... try not to take it too seriously. :)

xxmckenzierae 5

I don't just people went crazy about it! And thank you number 75. And receding hair line. That's tooo funny.IDC IF IM THUMBED DOWN. just was uncalled for. Really, some people ;)

xxmckenzierae 5

Funny how anyone said that being an orphan isn't funny. Gets thumbed down. What's wrong with people. Have to feel cool about calling someone they don't know a ***** over a FML. Cool

Hey I like your new pic, is it you? If it is you're really pretty. :)

You win the award for most times complained about being thumbed down. But sadly you were still thumbed down.

xxmckenzierae 5

Yes it is. Few years old, but I like it :p thank you.

xxmckenzierae 5

Like I care? Glad everyone else does!!! Ooo it hurts so bad to get thumbed down boohooo. It's my opinion gtfo if you don't like it. Don't read it!

manatees_r_epic 0

Well, it's a bit difficult not reading something that... .. DON'T READ THIS SENTENCE.

thiscrazything 1

I don't know how anyone ever gets over the death of both of their parents. Don't think it is possible. Sorry, OP.

xxmckenzierae 5

I don't. I stated my opinion and people didn't like it. Which I didn't get why.

#1 I would recommend shutting the **** up, asking why you were thumbed down is like the priest raping little boys because "God wills it!" it's retarded and not funny whatsoever.

Christ xxmckenzierae, you just don't know when to shut up, do you? You claim that you don't care, but then spend at least 4 comments bitching about the people on this site and why you're getting thumbed down. They're not saying it's okay to be made fun of as an orphan, they're saying that by now OP should've gotten over it enough to laugh with them. You need to step back from this site, take a chill pill, and learn to shrug off criticism, because if you're going to let this site get to you that much, then the real world is going to kick your ass. Hard. This is coming from a guy that gets thumbed down a lot, so I would listen to the advice.

Why so serious? Let's put'ah SMILE on that face ; )

Yeah, I'd smile if I got to be Batman!! :D

LO388 7

2 - I wish I could thumb you up again, the second time being for the Tyrone Biggums costume.

Lmao, thank you! Almost NO ONE gets it on here for some reason? I coulda swore dave had more of a movement?! Lol, They all really think I'm a crack head, or I usually get some 'oh so hilarious' comment about white stuff on my lips. I'm a victim to Internet bullying! Gah! The thumbs pointing down! They hurt! They hurt!

KiddNYC1O 20

Where's the turd, Tyrone?!

Shit OP back to the cave. Your secret identity has been blown.*Pulls cape over face*

**** I just realised i spelled bitch wrong. GOD DAMN AUTO CORRECT. I have disgraced dave chappelle I NOW MUST COMMIT RITUAL SUICIDE*pulls out samurai sword*

LadyJoker21 0

That movie is honestly an orgasmic movie I love it

Yeah 2 Dave chappelle Is the one of the FUNNIEST human beings to ever walk the earth

Sodium sodium Sodium sodium Sodium sodium Sodium sodium Batman!

You should take that as a complement. Batman is awesome.

Dweron93 5

He knows, he must be the joker :O

Lol awesome pic 66! Batman is cool but SpongeBob is the real sh•t. :p

tylersign 11

Face your fears, OP. BE your fears!

MissFits_fml 6

And that's when you start laughing like The Joker.

imcutefml 0

"see this is why we need TV!"-Dbz abridged

DollyDope 17

Oh the horror! Someone was trying to make light of your situation. Batman would probably prefer to wallow in his misery though ;P

They didn't want to buy into OP's "pity me" lecture. Tons of people are orphans, and it doesn't screw their life up at all. They made light of it, did so successfully, and OP posted this wanting more pity and sympathy because OP didn't get it from them. And who would complain about being compared to Batman. Batman is perfect.

Well no time like the present to become a badass vigilante, and beat criminals to a pulp with your bare hands, and an entire arsenal of highly expensive gadgets!

HahahahahahahahahahahahAhahahahahahaahahahahahaha Thats funny man

thatKidzmOm 10

I guess he wasnt up for playing into your pity party.