By epicsquishii - United States - Riverbank
  Today, my boyfriend yet again unsuccessfully tried to hold in uncontrollable giggling every time I moaned or sighed during sex. He's 24. I'm terrified of his reaction should I ever reach an orgasm with him. FML
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  Furrywhiplash  |  14

Wow... People take things so seriously. It was a simple joke, no need to get all rwar about it. And maybe instead of no sex, just duct tape his mouth shut and dominate him. If that doesn't get him to stop, go with the no sex and invest in a vibrator.

  Eiregal2  |  10

I agree with 52. being raised Catholic sex was a sinful wicked thing, more so for women! maybe he had that pounded in his brain at church too. I used to believe it had no effect on me but I've been celibate for nine years now as I just don't enjoy it. fecking Catholics! lol

  LunaBee3105  |  3

i like how people live under the assumption that you cant live without sex or that sex is somehow a neccessity to a relationship XD goddamn people get control of your hormones!!! (lol just a joke people dont get your panties in a knot XD)

  molliepop19  |  5

136 I'm catholic as well. However, we've never been taught that sex is a sinful thing. I don't know what church you've been going to, but at mine, Its very common for families to have lots of children. Pretty sure they had to have sex to make all of them.

  lyssa_jean  |  7

I actually read about some village where the husbands of laboring women would stand on top of the hut with a rope tied to their balls and the wife, laboring below, qould pull the rope every time she had a contraction.......


The "squirt" isn't urine. It has a different texture, viscosity, and completely different taste and smell to it. It keeps coming out as long as the orgasms keep going, as opposed emptying the bladder, and thats it. The total amount of fluid that comes out depends on the individual and ranges from a few tablespoons to an entire pint. While sexologists, urologists, and gynecologists are still debating over what exactly the "squirt" is, it isn't pee.