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Today, I was at the supermarket when I saw an elderly lady slip on a wet patch of floor. I ran over to help, and I almost fell too before steadying myself. Then some pimply cockmunch of a teen decided to kick my legs out from under me and walk away while laughing his balls off. FML
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I swear the younger generation has less respect these days. Either that, or I was completely ignorant in my teens.

Just because some kids of that age are disrespectful little *****, doesn't mean we all are. It bothers me that we are generalized as the "bad generation" just because some kid's parents didn't discipline them right.


I swear the younger generation has less respect these days. Either that, or I was completely ignorant in my teens.

Just because some kids of that age are disrespectful little *****, doesn't mean we all are. It bothers me that we are generalized as the "bad generation" just because some kid's parents didn't discipline them right.

Those pimply cockmuches... no respect for anyone now-a-days...

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Totally agree with you #1. Im a senior in high school. Every time new freshman came in I could kill them. No one in my class acted like that not even in middle school. Something's wrong here.

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I am sorry but for even though not everyone in this generation, which I am apart of, is bad, it seems to be that there are a lot more than there was before, otherwise why would soo many people complain (including myself)

15 - as an average the younger generation is a lot more unruly than generations past... I blame the economy and most households needing both parents to work as well as stricter laws against disciplining your child.

The mind is a very complex object. In the elementary years, you were an innocent child, void of any corruption from the outside world. As a middle school-er, you started to grasp some knowledge and the corruption started to spread. By your adolescent years, you were an overly pretentious douche-bag who thought the world revolved around yourself. This is where I am right now. In your later years, you realized that the generation below you is so overly ignorant that you completely miss the fact that you were also one of those...*gulp*... "teenagers". I know, it's horrifying. It's life.

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im a junior and I want to beat the shit outa every freshman at my school, all ignorant little punks,

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That's when you get up and beat the living shit out of him. Don't stop until he is crying and pissing himself

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I have to agree for the most part, although not all of them are terrible. The way some kids/teens speak to their parents is ridiculous! I would have gotten punished...I knew better than to speak to my parents or elders that way. I am also amazed at the things younger children say also. My niece who is in 2nd grade was asked by a 3rd grader if she wanted to have sex with him, then he told her to lift up her shirt! My son is in kindergarten and I can promise you he won't be saying things like that anytime soon!

@hatesfate: you're exactly right. if parents were allowed to BE parents rather than their hands being tied when it comes to discipline, our generation wouldn't be so screwed up. I'm 20 years old and I was raised by both parents. my dad was in the army and I definitely got disciplined. I thank God I had parents to loved me enough to discipline me because I don't want to be like this new generation.

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You can't blame a kid for how they talk to their parents of they're getting away with it

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Couldn't have said it better myself, 15! As for the "older" generation: you guys complain about our behaviors, yet don't think that you were the ones who raised us. (That wasn't targeted toward everybody; only some)

Agreed, I blame most o today's parents for treating the kids like kings and queens, give them everything and they're never wrong

I think what we're all failing to realize here is that it's not just the parents, but the slightly older peers who affect the ones directly below the most. Everyone in high school above the freshman class wants to beat up the freshmen, and this mentality gets instilled in the freshmen. When they move out of that position, they inherit the same mentality and act likewise to the entering class. The only problem is that once this thought process develops enough, it starts to seep out of the school grounds and becomes expressed by "pimply cockmunch" teens (only because a majority of high school students are that age) towards everyone else, because they let the (figuratively speaking) playground superiority get to their heads.

Were not all like those piece of ***** some are good

Well of course... there's always going to be those who still have some moral sense, but it's never the well behaved ones who draw the most attention.

39 and 48, "younger generation" does not refer to people who are two years younger than you. Anyway, the people who say that the younger generation is so much more disrespectful should remember who raised us.

Maaan, we haven't SEEN the bad generation yet. Just think about how bad our kids generation is going be. 16 & pregnant. it'll probably be 11 & an alcoholic.

This shit is assbackwards at my school. They really are arrogent little punks here. We have 'Punch a Freshman Day' but other than that, we leave the underclassman alone. Grade doesn't matter to my senior class (we do fight like any other school of course.) But the Freshman, Sophmores, and some Juniors are all pricks. The sophmores brought paintball guns and bats to our first pep-rally and shot and beat the Freshman. They were really badly injured. I think this idea of the younger generation being shit is based on location/school/etc.

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Woah there. Just because we're in a new generation, doesn't mean we're all not nice at all. As for others complaining about freshmen, you were one once. And all grades contain some people who aren't nice. Not just the freshmen.

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Not saying everyone in the world born in 96-99 are complete idiots. I'm just saying in my small town at my high school we have dirty, rude, and unnessecary under class men. No need to hate. And we can say we weren't like that. I can Truely say I haven't acted like my under class men since I was in elementary school.

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What a complete fag, and no #1, I'm pretty sure there's always been those few kids who act this way. Not everyone my age is a complete dickwad Edit: #39, really? Think about what you just said there for a minute.

Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding; I am aware that not every teen is disrespectful, there just seems to be a lot more disrespectful teens compared to before.

When you realize that most of the parents of kids today grew up in the 70's and 80's, you kind of figure out why there are so many disrespectful little snots out there today.

Either that or 90% of the things parents used to do as discipline are now considered abusive and what we're left with is unbelievably ineffective...

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Yeah well the bad kid generation... Was generated from the dip-shit parent generation. Congratulations, you guys managed to raise a generation full of **** ups.

Lessons MUST be taught. You've done the world a disservice by not chasing him down and pummeling him.

My entire life growing up, I've heard the "older" generation discussing how disrespectful the "youth of today" are. I'm pushing fifty! Sometimes it seems like things are getting worse, but it's not just young people, it's everyone.

The people criticising this generation seem to be forgetting who raised it.

136 - I see many young people saying that... I also see many young people saying "we are our own person and think for ourselves" so which is it?

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Correction the reason some of our generation is trash is because half of your generation is a fail and cannot parent correctly

146 - because you're completely incapable of making your own decisions?

We all are somewhat ignorant in our teens, but my generation appears to be the worst.

I believe every generation has bad nuts, but this generation seems to especially be awful because the use of Internet can spread the news of bad actions of this generation, whereas before it was more generally known to just the area. I'm not saying last generations haven't had ways of getting news out, but you can't say that it's never been easier than now to spread information. Also, different technology, different ways of living.

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I would have hunted him down and flattened him.

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chase him down and DESTROY his balls.

Agreed. I would have gotten the shit beat out of me by my mom for even thinking of doing something like that. The problem with this generation is that the parents are afraid to smack their kid when they are out of line.

How do you chase someone down when you've just been floored? The offender has a pretty good head start, and the OP may not have been able to just pop back up to chase...

He's in a super market, help the old lady then go on a Search and Destroy mission. Fashion a Gilly(sp?) suit out of mops and arms yourself with anything that can be used as a Tomahawk and Frag Grenade. I 360 headshot headshot for that Payback medal! (yea sorry, Im a gamer.)

And did you thank him for the wonderful story you have to tell now?

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I don't know if you noticed, but it's sarcasm. ^

A wet floor sign would really do wonders here, all that blood will take a while to dry.

A nice red patch would really liven up the dull white tiles of the supermarket, don't ya think?

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Pimply cockmunch? What does that mean..?

A cockmunch with pimples, of course.

Could mean she's calling him pimple faced muncher of cocks, though... I could be wrong. c:

I'm British, I can translate this. "Pimply" means he is a spot covered son-of-a-bitch and "cockmunch" means an "asshole" or "dick cheese" or calling him gay. My job here is done! *flies away*

Spot-covered...son-of-a-bitch.... Sooo...a dalmation?

Precisely! You catch on very fast young lady. (you've earned yourself a story :D)

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Thank you 10, 11, and 23 :D you have been very helpful!

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Always love it when there's a side education course in these threads. We should have FML professors.

A **** covered with pimples that eats vaginas.. Yeah? Or maybe not..

What a jerk! He needs to learn some manners.

That's what goes down in the ghettos of Surrey.

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I'm only commenting cuz u said **** munch. Hehehehe lol