By Anonymous - 17/11/2014 22:00 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I had a dream that I kicked the moon like a soccer ball. It started swearing in my boyfriend's voice. That part wasn't a dream. FML
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Laughed more than I should..

I guess you were kicking two moon balls, not just one.


Laughed more than I should..

Why did this guy's reply get so many dislikes? He simply stated that he agreed with the up voted comment...

That's what the up-vote button is for...

Kicking the moon eh? Now that's taking "Dream Big" to a whole new level.


I guess you were kicking two moon balls, not just one.

The pain is real

qdawg06 23

But imagine if the moon could actually swear?

"Quit staring at me with your telescopes, fuckers!" -the moon

It doesn't need to swear. It already expresses all its disgruntledness with us by constantly mooning us.

21--thank u for that. I needed a laugh.

I want to say F his life more than yours. It's natural to spasm in response to a dream, like the classic "falling" dream, but it still sucks if you injure yourself or others

Kiss them better and I'm sure he'll forgive you.

I probably found that funnier than I should have!

lol that had to have been interesting

You mean interassting, don't you?

Nope I'm pretty sure he meant interesting.


Just stop.

I guess better to kick a ball, than his balls directly. I feel bad for your boyfriend. Haha this fml was nicely worded.

The moon isn't made of cheese after all...

LostInTheZone11 28

Apparently it's made of nuts.