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Today, I was talking to my brother about how careless people are. Minutes later, I shocked myself with my dog's shock-collar. FML
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Good! Now you'll know how your dog feels if you chose to use such a cruel device. There are much better ways to train your pet than shocking them to obey.


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Right? How does this even happen?

Yeah! Unless she was acting like a dog and her brother put it on her neck and shocked her! I know maybe it didn't happen!

OP, what the hell were you even doing with a shock collar??

dogs dont need to be shocked, there are more genuine ways to train your dog. i hope you learned a lesson.

You mean more humane ways to train your dog? Genuine doesn't really make sense there.

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The shock collars they have now are pretty humane. They only have one setting and it is pretty mild. It is just enough to let the dog know it is there and bother it a little, not hurt it.

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Why were you holding your dog's electric collar? Shouldn't it be on the dog....?

No. Shock collars should never be on anyone or anything

I'm pretty sure that shock collars were made to be placed on dogs. Although I side with your opinion that these devices are kinda harsh, that is the main intended use of the collar.

I think they're a stupid idea, I don't think they hurt the dog too badly, but what happens if someone tries to get into your home? the dog will be too scared to bark

You're confusing a shock collar with a bark collar. The first on makes sure the dog leaves the area and run away. A bark collar shocks a dog for barking

Good! Now you'll know how your dog feels if you chose to use such a cruel device. There are much better ways to train your pet than shocking them to obey.

They really are mostly used to keep dogs from running away because there are wires around the house so if the dog passes the boundary it will be shocked:/ I still think it is cruel though people just need to pay more attention to them and they won't need a shock collar.

6: I was just about to comment this. I'm happy there are still other people who know how to treat dogs right.

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When we had our electric fence put in, the company made us hold the collar and get shocked so we knew what they went through.

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Have any of you got shocked by a dog collar? It doesn't hurt, it is just enough to be uncomfortable, and surprise you. And in my eyes it is much better than your dog running into the street and getting hit by a car if it has a tendency to run away.

Ours has options to vibrate and beep. We've never had to shock our German shepherd and she learned her boundaries quick with a combo of the collar and obedience training. We haven't had her wearing the collar for years now. She ran out into the street once and got a strong vibration from the collar, she's never run out onto pavement without her leash again.

This might be making way too many assumptions about you personally and I apologize. But I find that people who say shock collars are inhumane are the same people who spend 3 grand on a pure breed while millions of good dogs are being slaughtered at shelters. Oh and these people usually can't be bothered to donate food, blankets, or time to local shelters but they sure can get on a high horse about a shock collar that delivers a fraction of the voltage of an electric fence. I've put one of these things on my neck and walked to the edge of an invisible fence and ya know what? It didn't hurt. I've also walked into electric fences used at horse ranches and ya know what? It didn't hurt. Y'all bleeding hearts need to calm down. It's not like a cattle prod that's used to inflict massive amounts of pain. It's a little annoyance and surprise.

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And to add on to what 77 said, animals have a much higher tolerance of pain than humans. So it's even less of a disturbance than on a human.

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One time my aunt put on a bark-activated shock collar and started barking just to see what it was like. She never used it on her dogs ever again.

No.88 they are not talking about bark collars. They are talking about shock collars to keep dogs in their yards. And most times with bark collars you can adjust the shock level so it doesn't hurt the dog. I don't care about getting down voted because I know i will, But No.77 is completely right. And most times it normally only take the dog one time to run out of the boundaries you setup and they never do it again. So they will never get shocked. Plus the collars give off a beeping sound to alert the dog of when they are too close to the wire and will get shocked if they go much closer. My family has used these collars for most of our dogs, and they have never inflicted any pain on any of them. The collars only annoy them with a small jolt like 77 said. Plus they only jolt you so long before they are programmed to stop. We even had a dog that would leave the boundary and out run the jolts. So for all those saying these collars are inhumane, if a dog will keep testing the zone and leave the fenced area like that instead of just staying home, it clearly doesn't hurt. Plus I've even tried it before to make sure we had it set up right and working before it was even on the dog. And we've had to try it when putting new batteries in to make sure all was good.

I totally agree with 77 here. I have had two huskies and have used shock collars on both. We have a huge property but it is close to the road and we like to take our dogs to the beach. Huskies love to run away and are very disobedient for the fist few years. A shock collar is the best option sometimes and they don't hurt the dogs. Most shock collars can be adjusted and the highest setting is still only mild. Plus they have vibrate and beep settings that are almost always enough to get the dog to respond. For anyone who thinks the collars are inhumane. Would you prefer to have to give your dog a mild shock to teach it that it can't go on the road or to have that same dog get hit by a car because it doesn't know the boundaries. One is a lot more inhumane than the other and it definitely isn't the collar

Have none of you idiots heard of fences and training? It's actually not that hard to do without cruelty. I don't know any rescue people who'd touch them, as they usually actually love their animals. It's the people who buy designer dogs just to look good who tend to be too stupid or lazy to just train the poor dog properly. There is NO excuse for cruelty. If you can't train a dog without shock or prong collars, you shouldn't own one.

Whiney babies upset about shock collars, it's like getting a big static shock from someone purposely pranking you. It hurts for a few seconds, but mostly what it does it make you jump out of your skin. I've carried shock collars through the invisible fence borders several times over the years, and yeah, I never managed to hold on, always dropped them, but generally ended up laughing the second I realized I had been touching the prongs. And while I've seen dogs straight up ignore the collars when they want to chase something bad enough, it's usually been effective enough that a dog can be left with only mild supervision in the yard.

But what if the owner needs to go to work? Yeah, it might be the more costly option but after a month or two they can take off the shock collar and the dog won't run away

#77 #94 If you train the dog from a young age what its boundaries are, it will learn not to go out of the boundaries. I have 2 dogs and none of them ever run away or gone out of their boundaries and I have never had to use a shock collar, I just trained them right from the start. Whether it hurts the dog or not thats irrelevant, it's still cruel to spook them for being a bit curious.

#77 also I am one person who thinks that they are inhumane and every dog I have ever owned has been a rescue dog not a "3 grand pure breed" and I regularly donate money, food and beds/blankets to my local shelter as well as volunteer there every weekend when I'm not in university.. so that assumption you made is completely wrong. I think you'll find that most people who are against shock collars actually do more for animal shelters than people like you who think theu are a good idea, because they actually care for dogs, or any animals for that matter, and dont want them to suffer in any way

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#77, you are definitely making assumptions. I think shock collars are horrible and cruel, and would never use one on my dog. My mom recently got a dog who would jump/flinch every time she picked up one of the smaller Roku remotes in the house, and eventually the dog destroyed it. He never tried to destroy the big remotes though; only the ones that may, perhaps, resemble a shock collar remote.. Hmm, fancy that! This dog was also a nervous wreck, and destroyed my mothers house. In the end, she ended up having to return him to the humane society (for that reason and some others), and I think at least part of his behavioral problems stemmed from being shocked. I also have never owned anything but rescue dogs, or mutts that have shown up on our doorstep. So you can stop assuming.

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I work at a humane society and every single one of us there as well as volunteers and trainers HATE shock collars. They do not teach a dog what to do; they only instill fear in the animal. The reason some dogs still run through the electric barrier is because the stimulus that they are going after is more important in the mind than the electrocution they are receiving. A dog will continually hurt itself if it feels the need. My rescue shelter dog hates confinement and will rip his sides open getting out of cages. Did I continue to use the cage so he would keep getting hurt? No. Shock, prong, and choke collars should all be banned. Even just wearing a shock collar all the time will cause sores from the prongs constantly rubbing. I have seen all too many times of dogs becoming afraid of outside simply because they fear the shock that comes with it. The people who promote it's harmlessness are those making money off if it.

I love how these people say it doesn't hurt as if they can feel what the dog feels when it's shocked

Well when you've put a shock collar to your neck and tested what it feels like.... Yeah you can imagine what it feels like to a dog. But sorry I'll just be the asshole here again and say everything I'm hearing here is the constant rhetoric of people on high horses. I've met very few shelter workers who think that shock collars are inhumane. Some even recommend them for those stubborn dogs because it's the same principal as a choke collar. There's a sound and then a sensation that tells a dog what they're doing is wrong. And with shelter dogs who have "grown up" without a lot of training it's a very good way to crash course that training. Once again we aren't talking about a cattle prod that just inflicts pain. These things are annoying and not painful. What's next? Electric fences are inhumane because a horse might touch one and jump a few feet in the air? GTFO and STFU with that bleeding heart bullshit.

#129 Well, in case you didn't notice, I've carried them, touching the prongs with my hands, one of the more sensitive sensory areas of skin, while they've been activated. Multiple times. Electric/invisible fence collars shock enough to, well, shock you. There's no lasting pain, maybe some slight tingling for 30 seconds. It's the same as if a dog learned not to go too close to a candle by getting his nose mildly scorched. "Ow!" "That's why we don't do that." The responsibility is on you as an owner to teach them the boundary, where they can go, and pull them away from the area when it beeps but before the shock would hit. At this point a rubber cap should be on the prongs anyway, but you walk the yard, on a leash, let them approach the boundary, and pull away at the beep. Generally they learn beep = no pretty well, but will get curious and test it if off the leash. Then, at least all the dogs I've seen (less than a dozen, sure) only take a shock or two to know what happens if they ignore the beep. the collar acts as a safety net, and is used with training to help define limits.

yeah ok make up all the excuses you want lol I'm used to arguing with to the point that I love it now but this not even worth my time

yeah ok make up all the excuses you want lol I'm used to arguing with people to the point that I love it now but telling someone to gtfo and stfu just because they don't agree with you how ******* sad are you sir?

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Those things are the death of patient and loving parenting. How genuine is love if it is inspired by fear?

It's horrible to put a pet through the torture or shock collars.. He kind of deserves it