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  flockz  |  19

no i simply did not want to strain myself trying to come up with a lousy pun that someone else already said. besides i spew shit from my ears anyway.

  fmfreakinlife  |  3

For that last comment that wouldent work 1 horse electric fences arnt high enough voltage to travel that far and 2nd when men urinate it's not a main stream it breaks up as we pee the current would have to travel thru the air therefore still not enough voltage. Also what is the op 4 ? The fences dont hurt it's on avg 10-30 volt witch is nothing

  Stealthed  |  8

47 - I take it you've never seen the email about the bloke who whizzed on an electric fence? No pun intended but the photos were quite literally shocking.

Don't do it. Just don't.


Actually, for a horse fence, it's not as powerful to us as it is to them. I've once put my hand on an electric horse fence and had the other on the horse, by accident I promise, and made the horse jump from the current going through it, so it shouldn't have hurt OP that much.


Depends on the strength of the fencer

Horse fences and wiring are usually weaker than cattle fences.

I've been zapped by horse fencer, which isn't bad, and a cattle fence, which actually left burns...