By Anonymous - 11/12/2010 05:16 - Canada

Today, I went to check if my neighbours were home to return their dog, having looked after her for a few days. I looked in the window and the place was empty. They'd moved house and stuck us with their dog. FML
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how is this bad? they scored a free dog! you can teach it to kill and steal from the elderly


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kruzito 0

you should track them down just for fun and leave the dog in the back yard with a note on the dog saying " i missed you"

why are you saying lol. I don't think it's that funny. some person dumped their dog on their neighbour cos they probably couldn't be bothered with it. where is the joke?!

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#7 why don't we cook you up like a hotdog!! beeatch

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It's not like 7 was serious. She was making a joke. OP are you positive they moved? they might just not be home yet.

I'm just wondering how op didn't notice her neighbor moving out...

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moving isn't a simple and unnoticeable thing it takes atleast 2-3 days to the stuff out it house....ydi for not noticing the moving truck

2-3 days? it took us 7 hours... We got out cat because our neighbors moved and left her, she skulked around our garden a few days and we fed her then one day she walked in through the dining room window and never left :D

persianjr1 7

How the hell does your neighbors move and you dont know? perhaps the big moving truck would be a clue? im just sayin.

it was both serious and a joke depending on what country you're in/from. Eww.

it doesn't necessarily have to be that difficult. my old neighbor did this when they ran out of money for rent. given they knew they were leaving well in advance, they could've gotten rid of/moved the couch and other large furniture weeks before their "trip" without anyone being suspicious and as for the rest of their stuff, they could take it to the car little by little each time they went to the grocery store/bank/work if their new place is within reasonable driving distance. it's unlikely that they did this, but its possible!

hey dude I noticed ur from Vancouver and the same age as my cousin who lives tere too. do u by any chance know a Maas pagarigan?

let the dog into there house to do his business.

seriously though how can you not notice your neighbours move out? wouldnt there be a for sale sign on their house or trucks to move their stuff?

yeah I can't see that happening without noticing some kind of for sale sign... unless it was some kind of town house that you're just renting

thrAsHeRr9081 16

my old neighbors just up and left one day, leaving behind a lot of furniture and their dog. it happens.

72 - Were those neighbors of yours black and wearing sweat shirts and pants? Because I have a feeling those weren't exactly your neighbors...

I'm sorry Mehness, but what exactly are you implying? I may be reading too much into this, but I certainly don't like your implications.

72: that's really horrible that someone would do that . I hope the dog was okay

80 - ur comment got modded. just to giv u a heads up

I know this is VERY odd.. But i have the feeling that you are the Younger, Shorter Haired, Glasses Wearing version of ME!

how is this bad? they scored a free dog! you can teach it to kill and steal from the elderly

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I wonder what kind of "dig" it is?

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I bet the dig dogs a lot in the yard.

aha... dig dogs. i see what you did there.

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#46, that's the most disgusting costume i've seen

I don't see how this is an FML, just sell the dog or give it away. Its not that bad

If this is your pic? could your family leave you with me? And move away just like that family did? All jokes aside though. You are one smoking hottie!!!!

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Dont_Explain 3

Holy shit, someone on the internet said something about themselves. Behold, this must truth!


Well just because the neighbor's an irresponsible dick doesn't mean OP is like that too.

Muffinzz11 7

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