By Anonymous - United States
Today, the coach bus I was riding almost crashed. I was using the restroom at the time. The bus braked so hard, I peed all over the wall and splashed my shirt. Nobody wanted to sit anywhere near me after that. FML
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By  homesuckfucker  |  28

That sucks, but it's not your fault! And they weren't grossed out by you. Just the pee- you wouldn't sit by someone covered in pee on the bus, would you? So try not to take it personally.

  mjtg25  |  3

pee on someone else who was mocking you then sit next to them and tell them you know how it feels. that, OP, is how you make friends for life.

  liquifiednate  |  21

This is so true. I remember my senior year of high school we took a bus from where I live to Disneyland, which is about a 12 hour drive. So obviously we would need to use the bathroom occasionally. Well the bus driver warned us, "don't use the bathroom while the bus is moving because you'll piss all over yourself." And my dumbass though, "oh yeah right, but just to be safe I'll hold it in until I get there." Well eventually I ended up having to pee really bad during the trip and I couldn't hold it in so I went to use the restroom on the bus while it was moving. And with my luck the bus ended up having to halt to a screeching stop and I ended up pissing all over the wall. Thankfully nothing got on my clothing but I was in the bathroom for quite some time cleaning up the walls before I left, that way it was clean for the next person. It sucked haha

By  kaylocca  |  20

So lay back and enjoy the ride. Your shirt will dry might not smell great but it's not the worst that could've happened in that situation. My friend had a much worse experience on a coach bus bathroom with a bumpy ride.