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Today, I let my dogs out, and then realized they didn't have their electric fence collars on. I ran inside to get the collars, then dashed out to put them on my dogs. I ran through the electric fence. The collars were on. FML
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now you know how your poor dogs feel, that is the most epic form of karma. you most certainly deserved it!

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well if they didn't have their collars they'd get lost and end up in a shelter or dead


they don't even hurt. it's a vibration. unless it's some ancient contraption that actually zaps...

Exactly. The collar should not hurt you, they were made to enforce a little, slightly painful but more surprising, encouragement. Kind of like a slight pinch. How long have you had those collars? I am surprised that the dogs had already gone outside of the gate. Maybe you should try some other method.

now you know how it feels. and if its bad enough to post on fml then you deserve it you cruel person.

Well, look at the kids who think they know so much about animal training. I'd like to see you walk across the fence with one of those things in your hands... if you ever leave your mom's basement, that is. It is quite unnecessary to have electric collars on your dogs if you actually train them, and don't just let them out in the garden... which only makes them miserable to begin with. Try jolting yourself more often and you might get motivated to get of your big butt and actually train dogs the way they are supposed to be trained.

so basically OP, you got hit with the same nasty shock you were subjecting your dogs to. maybe now you know how shitty it feels and youll actually put some effort into training your dogs to stay on your property instead of using negative reenforcement to force them to do what you want.

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Suck it up. The shocks aren't enough to really hurt the dogs, and people with common sense (and non-retarded dogs) can take them OFF the dogs once they learn to behave.

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It's not animal abuse, it's called training the dogs. If they keep running away from the yard when they get out, then they need to have the shock collars on to train them "oh I can't leave the yard or I'll get zapped."

I bet it still hurts them though. If it didn't then they would continue to misbehave. No one should depend on something like that to train their dogs there's way better ways to do it with no pain involved

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well if they didn't have their collars they'd get lost and end up in a shelter or dead

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Yeah, the dog at my house has one of those, and I can tell you, that thing has to hurt like a bitch when it goes off. We had to upgrade it to the larger one though cause she kept running through the fence. This one uses a 9 volt battery so it can really pack a punch.

there are plenty of alternatives to shock collars, such as citronella (they release a a whiff of citronella which dogs hate) instead of zapping them. or if you cant contain a dog in your yard because of fencing then fix them so they are adequate, or give your pet to a home more suited to their needs instead of putting them through pain. besides the fact, is that they obviously aren't working. if the dog usually wears this collar and then is let out without it and still runs away it obviously isn't effectively training the dog but only offering instead a temporary limitation when worn. the use of these devises comes down to the owner unfortunately. some people out there would rather have a pet and hurt it every day and others would do anything to keep them safe, but the two should never really be found together. if you can honestly see yourself getting zapped every time you did something deemed by another to be wrong, and be happy about it, then by all means you are the sort of person using zap collars on your pets, who knows you might even be able to get one for your kids, partners or even yourself?!

FYLDeep 25

That was more when we first got her. She's still the dumbest dog I've ever meet, but she's not nearly as dumb as she used to be. She's a pure-breed though, and she has weird allergies and health issues, so my family and I are pretty sure that the gene pool isn't very deep, and that there was a bit of inbreeding involved. Anyway, she only gets shocked when she's being really stupid. Those things do beep before they shock you know. It's not like they just go for the kill right away.

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oh yeah... gassing your animal sounds a lot better.... wtf? either way though.. it's just conditioning. there are many approaches to it


if you care so much join PETA you dumb bitches!!!

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WOW, u just might need one of those collars. I love animals too but that's not cruelty, just a training method. It dose not hurt, it simply causes temporary discomfort.

Suck it up people. Right now, we own dogs. Not the other way. so we have the responsibility to look after them. We all have different methods... Some citronella, some electric fences, others can actually afford to build proper fences which are sunk into the ground so that they don't dig out, but the owner obviously has some reason to keep the animal inside otherwise they wouldn't bother with the training. I think the dog and owner would rather the dog cop a little zap then to watch the dog suffer after being hit by a car and slowly dying. So stfu and don't worry about how others train their animals.

You need to watch the dog whisperer OP. My dog (featured in my pic) took exactly 10 min to train not to run outside of the yard.

For those "hardcore anti-animal abuse" people, if there's no such thing as "learning from mistakes", there's would be a lot of stupid people and animals in the world. Example: Touching an element on a stove while it's on high heat setting. You feel pain, so, you try to avoid doing that next time.

Have you ever walked across the line while holding one of the collars? It doesn't hurt, it just startles you. I know a nationally recognized dog trainer and he uses them. He also says he wouldn't use anything on his dogs that he wouldn't use on himself.

gtfo you stupid hippie. it doesn't hurt them it just gives them a static shock. would you rather see dead dogs in the street or dogs with shock collars. btw shock collars are not some quick alternative. they wont work without proper training because the dog will usually just run forward.

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If you guys can't even train your ******* dogs without using electric collars you shouldn't have dogs. Part of having the dogs is training them yourselves and asserting yourself as the dominant figure. If you can't make your own dogs not run outside without using an electric collar, it asserts nothing to them regarding your dominance, just that it hurts a bit to go outside. And then you'll have to spend extra time teaching them other things. "Tree huggers"? Uh huh.. at least those "tree huggers" know how to train dogs while you guys are useless without the latest technology.

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I am a part of PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals. (old joke, but still)

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99, not everyone likes to dominate dogs. Bestiality is not as widely accepted as you may believe.

fthku 13

You know what's the sad and disturbing part, SirEBC? It IS that popular. =( Poor sheep. And cows. And I dare say some pigs as well.

99, When you use constant negative reinforcement for dogs they can turn nervous or aggressive. Just like if you were to spank or hit your child every time they do something wrong.

fthku 13

112, You're very far off. Training dogs does not mean "constant negative reinforcements". You don't even need to hit them. And when I say you don't need to hit them, I mean you have to NOT hit them. That's not what training a dog is. Dogs, as any pack animal, are led by an Alpha. Does that mean every pack in nature turns more aggressive than they should be? no. Asserting your dominance, which should be done as early on as possible, doesn't mean hitting them at all. If you wanna get into the technicallity of it- say you want to train your dog not to leave the house when you just open the door, and you want them to wait for your OK to do it- Open the door, then when they rush out you stand there blocking them, and give them a slight peck. NOT a hit, you just peck them, a slight touch, and then you make a noise, or say no. After a while, they will learn that they are not to go out until you allow it. After teaching them to do something (anything), you give them POSITIVE reinforcement when they follow your command, so they know they're doing good. THIS is what training dogs means. It doesn't turn them aggressive- Bad owners who hit the dogs whenever they do something they don't like, THAT'S what turns them aggressive. Cheers. =)

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I'm amazed that you would bring in psychology when you don't know the difference between "punishment" and "reinforcement". I'm not even going to get into the whole positive/negative thing.

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kill the dogs then they won't feel the pain of the training (Jk)(Jk)

I use a collar that sprays crappy smelling stuff in their face when you press the button

lmao. you're my favorite.

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So...I've noticed that every comment that does follow the bleeding heart route of "static shock is cruel" gets hidden due to low comment rating. Wow....way to have opinion tolerance, people.

they wouldn't end up in a shelter or dead if they were trained in the first place

animal loving panzy pets need discipline

184 that's how u train them dumbass

Obviously you don't have a big assed German Shepard. Although I still don't use that stuff.

It is the same consept of spanking a child, you aren't beating or abusing it. You are using negative reinforcement to prevent bad or harmful behavior.

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So I guess the K9 unit on the police force is abusive. They don't train their dogs to obey them because if they did, then the dog would just walk by whatever it was supposed to find because Master said come. When they play fetch with their dogs, they have to choke em to get the toy back. But no one complains about that, no, they complain about ******* shock collars. Dumbasses.

missymay993 11

So I guess the K9 unit on the police force is abusive. They don't train their dogs to obey them because if they did, then the dog would just walk by whatever it was supposed to find because Master said come. When they play fetch with their dogs, they have to choke em to get the toy back. But no one complains about that because they do a good job. But you have the audacity to think you're better than someone else and say they abuse animals because they use shock collars. They care about their animal and want them to stay safe. If that's abuse then my dog is SOL. Dumbass.

It's not animal abuse at all. It is called training the dogs. Also If it was animal abuse, they would be illegal to sell. I have a dog that I love with all my heart, consider him a family member, and if I had to keep him from running out of our yard, I would use a shock collar. It's not even enough power to seriously injure them. Just to teach them a lesson and train them not to go to certain areas.

I disagree... It's not like it would be strong enough to damage the dog or hurt them too badly, but it's strong enough to keep them close by. They should learn quickly how far they can go when the collar is on

Spanking, or as in the case of the op, is known as positive punishment. Negative reinforcement is when you remove an unpleasant stimulus to reinforce a desired behaviour. I realize many commenters are young, and many more are borderline illiterate (no judgement in your case) but it doesn't take long to google the concepts you are discussing and this have a more articulate and pogniant response, if not more rounded understanding of the world in general.

#5, It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable. Think of those machines at the arcade where you have to hold on while it shocks your hands

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2 you're a tree hugging pussy

SirEBC 7

Very interesting mental image..

STFU. If you weren't a jerk, you'd care too. hello PETA.

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PETA can go **** itself and it's stupid ass logic

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PETA is full of a bunch of hypocrites who don't practice what they preach. They are worthless, and for people who think it's animal abuse, stfu and get over it.

let's see you get shocked by one pussy

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ok, number 49, number 2, and all you other tree huggin, animal lovers need to shut up and join PETA and go throw paint all over people's clothes or something. get off FML because no one cares hahaha he did nothing wrong to his dogs at any point for it's a simple training method. yes it hurts, but so do training collars, and putting your dogs nose in whatever it dropped and smacking it in the face.....or gassing it (how that's better idk hahaha). so please, just stfu lol god that was longer than expected

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"and smacking it in the face"?! Really? Go to hell you ugly mother ******. That's Not how you train your pet! If it does something bad you yell at it! If that doesn't work you yell and tap them on the nose or something! I'm not the type to argue on FML but I serously want to shove your face into the next thing you do/drop, then smack you. Maybe I'll give you a collar that'll shock you too? Try those all yourself, then it's 50 times harder to the animals usually because they're smaller. If it doesn't cause any pain or anything at all then go ahead and hurt animals! I'm not a fan of a shocking collar but I wouldn't hate people if it's used on a low setting, but I understand why people don't like it! No need to be a jerk about it. -.-

52, please refrain from using more than four words per sentence.

omg 52 calm down... lol you seem to have anger management problems

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SeedlessMe 13

Okay 52, so since somebody has a different opinion than you, they're not allowed to share it? You do realize we feel the same about you, just the opposite right? It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. Get your head out of your ass, stop thinking you're better than anybody (cause you're not) and you actually might learn something new!!!

wow 53 way to call 52 ugly when u don't even post a picture of yourself. I bet you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down but that's besides the point 52 is right it's a simple training method and 92 you're the one with your head up your ass the idiots who object to pain are the ones who started the attacking anyhow. pain is weakness leaving the body and anybody who objects to a little bit of pain is a pussy

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Anyways , I Think That Is Cruel , Im Not A "Tree-Hugger" . How About You Guys Get Shocked And Then Come Tell Us That Its Okay .

eff off ppl can have their own opinions

honestly, number 6 what u said wasnt nice it was rude. no need to use that kind of words at others but those who support or don't support PETA is it really worth arguing on this site? it's unnecessary and everyone has their own views don't have to hate on the ones that u don't like

and 155 you have a picture of bieber? what does that make you? lol

52 - *she I'm not a tree-hugger either, and I don't own a pet so I wouldn't know about training methods, maybe that is acceptable for dog trainers to do that, but it does sound rather cruel to the dogs Though YDI op, you'd think you'd know whether they were on or not x)

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#2, STFU. That's not animal abuse. A donkey THAT'S animal abuse! But it is rather retarded to forget that the collars were turned on. YDI.

Why wouldn't you get your dogs first? before they ran farther.. YDI

If if they were really cruel they probably would not be selling them in public stores... And on another token, it is mild discipline. The same way we teach anything

vets also declaw pets and that's animal abuse. declawing is equivilent to cutting off your fingertips right below the nail. but anyway, ydi op. now you know first hand what you were doing to your poor animals.

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How does declawing equal cutting your fingertips off? I would imagine it to be equivalent to raking your nails out.

takeapieandrun 9

*taking Autocorrect -.-

SirEBC 7

24, before all of the cat-loving lunatics start to attack you, I'll try to explain (at least what I know). It has to do with the anatomy of the paw. From what I've read, their claws are so deeply connected into the outermost bone that the bones must too be removed. I guess it's painful for the cat, so a lot of places have completely banned the procedure.

The removal of the tip of their bone only occurs when declawing older cats. In younger cats they can perform the procedure without removing the tip.

I agree with 61. I have only heard of declawing being painful for older or big cats, such as a cougar (which I'd love to have). And either way, it's not permanent pain. But really, if you had a big cat like that, you'd want to take care of it's claws in some way... My house cats, however, were declawed, and were fine afterwards. I don't remember them having any problems and their entire paw is still there. Honestly, I could even argue that it helped one of the cats, since he was having problems with one of his paws bleeding occasionally, and the blood seemed to come from the toes, but it was impossible to tell. After he was declawed he never had the problem again.

Even so, cats use their claws for so many things it would be like cutting off half your fingers in the essence that doing everything would be a lot harder. It's just not right to do just so you have pretty furniture or don't get scratched. Teach them not to claw the couch, and don't provoke them to scratch you and it should be fine.

Queen_of_Night 20

I hate declawing. My mom had it done to 1 cat we had growing up and he never full healed from it. I've heard some cats can never even walk again. He bled from his paws a lot afterward. I have friends that their cats are fine after their declaw but still. I'd just rather have a whole cat.

22- it doesn't equal to chopping your finger tips 20 is being a vego

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Okay, so what is "mild discipline" when you have these on your children to ensure they don't run away. Makes relative sense don't it? either train your dogs or don't own pets due to your pure incompetence on handling pets.

IneffableLullaby 13

Note: Owner must be smarter than the dogs she is training or mishaps may ensue.

SirEBC 7

I'll keep that in mind when I'm keeping my bitches in line. (I'm sorry)

d u mad cute

I for one would have loved to see that fail.

If any of her neighbors saw, I can only imagine what would have been going through their minds. xD

now you know how your poor dogs feel, that is the most epic form of karma. you most certainly deserved it!

have you ever gotten shocked by one of those? it feels like a small static shock so op is just a pansy. now stfu you freaking hippy. it's either the dogs get a collar or they run out into the street and get hit.

Who let the dogs out?

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Thank you! I was hoping someone would have said that earlier, honesty, hahah.

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38 GW FTW!