By Bailey - 22/08/2010 06:58 - United States

Today, I was in a public restroom with my 4 year old daughter. I took her in the stall with me, and as I was using the restroom she looked down and loudly asked, "Mommy! Why do you have a beard on your peepee?!!" Then I heard everybody in the stalls next to us laughing. FML
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ahahahhahaa. pwned by your child. shave your furry beaver. lol

collegegirl87 0

omg just because her child says it was a beard does not mean she has a jungle. children don't have any hair so of course they are going to be surprised. FYL and you don't need to shave 


ahahahhahaa. pwned by your child. shave your furry beaver. lol

ROFL. I almost peepeed laughing!!!

childzz say the funniest things. >:] ydi for now shaving your beard.

atleast your daughter entertained everyone else in the restroom.

ydi. you don't have to shave it, at least trim it. Damn!

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shave that muff!!

you are very hairy down there as even your four year old daughter knows it.

Damn, OP. Cut down that jungle. :)

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awww thts kinda cute OP... i hope tht doesnt sound wrong lol

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lmfao. this is wicked funny

seems like 4 year old kids love to say the funniest and honest opinion just like the lion comment

Shave already you hairy bitch.

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omg just because her child says it was a beard does not mean she has a jungle. children don't have any hair so of course they are going to be surprised. FYL and you don't need to shave 

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That's why brazilian waxing is the bestttt.

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StunnerSarah is prettyy stunning

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I don't favorite FML's.... But this is an exception. LMFAO.

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I think your beautiful. just saying. and if you look at my picture I'm the one with the sun glasses.

YDI for not trimming or shaving it, nobody likes a jungle bush with dried semen, discharge and pee.

YDI for having a hairy vag. Ever heard of waxing?

any hair down there would surprise a kid and look like a beard to them. it in no way means that it isn't trimmed or anything.

your response: because it isnt a peepee its a hungry bear and if you don't shut up it will eat you(rawr) and then RAM her head up your vag.

Lmao, 84. That sounds like something I would say.

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Hair vags keep you warm && cozy in the winter. Bahaha. JK shave your hotpocket ;D

ahaha exposed!! kids these days lmao

See that is when you flush your kid down the toilet

then trim that shit as low as possible nobodywants s mouth full of hai

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lol atleast trim and wouldn't that hurt 62 ?

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I was the perv in the stall next to yours

mona_is_here 10

114, that hurts only for the few first times, then you get used to it and I even fell asleep during the procedure once lol

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haha dam u mam have my respect

Why don't women use an electric razor, you can't cut yourself and it get down reall thin quick and painlessly

I'm gonna try an electric razor haha I just use a regular disposable one....

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commenting on comment to b near top can i c that beard?

electric razors can't do as good a job as the blade. it gives a cleaner result. no nubs!

mona_is_here 10

127, :D well, beauty is pain anyway but I rather stand unpleasant feelings than be a hairy mess :D

Maybe Chris Tucker should shave it for you

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135 some girls have a little line and it's not that bad

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

mona_is_here 10

140, like in adult movies?:D

the_flirtt 0

no from experience ;) lol

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haha thats funny yet embarrasing.... im not going to say anything but that.........................

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^ agreed

rebekahah 7

#55 agreed.

#168 is so sexy.

Lol x) what cute kid! shave! :)

so fuckin classic. some kids are so awesome.

they didn't laugh because she's too hairy, they laughed because that was a funny way for a child to phrase what she saw.

YDI for not shaving good God thats filthy!!!

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haha its beard not beaver


parenting 101?

hehe, that's funny. ^^ at least everyone else got a laugh =)

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omg! that's fucking great!

213 where is my money?

op u don't necessarily need to shave it all, it's all the opinion of ur hubby ( well and u of course), if he likes it, then who cares bout all these ppl telling you ur a hairy b----,, it just makes them look stupid. and if u really wanted to, just kick the kid out of the stall and then do ur stuff lol ;)

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141,I hope you know you just made my day :)

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Win! Total win! :D

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haha lol

holy shit your skinny haha! take some protein

what dies YDI mean???


You Deserve It.

@cart do u need some peaches to go with that cottage cheese

ewww, no need to take it that far!!

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Ydi means you deserved it

You deserved it :)

lol the moderators don't moderate failures

FMLandurstoo 9

didi is a mod

haha that is halarious I donzt care about spell I'm on my iPod

I'm on an iPod and my spelling is fine? it should be easier as it autocorrects...

who gives an f if it's spelled wrong. I sure as hell don't give a fuck.

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What's so hard about deleting a Z? I'm on my ipod....

He also spelled hilarious wrong.

Go and count the number of sprinkles on a Pop Tart, divide by 10, and you have (what I'm guessing) is a number close to your IQ. Either you're illiterate, or just extremely lazy... Better yet, it's probably both.

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umm.. beard on your peepee? what kind of mother are you?

"when you've see one beaver you've seen them all.." xD shaaaavvee lol

haha it's call shaving or waxing!!

lol u look stonedd

tanjoodo 3

And you look weird...Oh wait, That's a dog... (no offense intended)

I don't do drugs. lol

second actually but good enough for now:P and yea. waxing ppl. eww

Infamous_Hawk 6

fail at second

you_failed 15

Oh woooow!!!! xD That must have been embarrassing!! Kids say the darnest things :D