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Today, my dogs broke through our electric fence, one of whom managed to get his collar off. I picked it up and, without thinking, went across the fence line. I screamed like a chihuahua being run over by a bulldozer. FML
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37- just go to a corner and think about what you said.

What a jerk off. If its on your hand and it hurt that bad imagine how much it hurts around te poor pups neck. If its an absolute must to have can't you just set the shock lower so it won't hurt as bad.


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I am shocked by your stupidity.

^ ha you're so funny. ( slight sarcasm) :D still love You though

What a jerk off. If its on your hand and it hurt that bad imagine how much it hurts around te poor pups neck. If its an absolute must to have can't you just set the shock lower so it won't hurt as bad.

Dogs have hair covering their skin, so it doesn't hurt them as much.

1 - I was literally about to write your comment. I don't understand why people would want to abuse their dogs like that...

37- just go to a corner and think about what you said.

If only the rest of the world saw things the way we do... You know? The right way?

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You guys obviously don't know the reason why his dog was wearing a shock collar, suppose they live out in the country and the dog has a habit of running away, would you rather the dog get hit by a car, maybe even a semi or receive a shock?

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Agreed, you deserved it for even using a shock collar in the first place. Karma is a bitch, isn't it?

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As an owner of two dogs, I can say with certainty that a fence doesn't serve as a "visual block" for all dogs. In fact all four dogs I've had in this yard all got through one way or another. Two months on a shock collar set at a reasonable level for the dogs size, and they're now able to run around anywhere on our property they please, whether I'm watching or not. I don't know, but I think they probably enjoy that more than being fenced into a smaller area than they would have otherwise.

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A fence? So you want the dog to be trapped like a zoo animal. First of all, unless you were ever a dog, you don't really know what it feels like to them. Maybe they don't have as much sensitivity to shock as a human, and that's why it hurt OP more. Also, a little shock would be better that your dog getting run over By a truck. Last, OP could have just been surprised By the shock.

They've invented collars that use vibration instead of electricity that work just as well. Problem solved.

I have a Siberian. They are known escape artists. Against my wants it became a need to use one for a short while to keep her away from the fence. If I took her out and turned my back for 2 min she was gone. She learned quick enough and it kept a much worse fate from happening to her.

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110 is that your daughter in the picture. She is cute

All I can say is those collars are illegal in some countries for a reason, they are cruel and a properly secured area for the dog makes a happy dog, dogs need a secure place for themselves and it's not like caging them like a zoo animal, they are a domesticated pack animal, if you let them wander until they get shocked to set their boundary it will be extremely difficult to properly train them in other ways. It also increases their chances of being aggressive due to fear when they learn where the shock boundary is. It may work as a supplement to training for the occasional poor pup, but I personally wouldn't even hazard it with my guys, the stress on the animal isn't worth it for me. I just have them microchipped (which is relatively painless, I have helped chip a good few dogs), have them neutered to reduce chances of them wanting to stray, make sure my area for them is secured and they have access to the house or the garage. Keeps them just as safe, if not safer (as proven by the fml) than a shock collar.

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Guys the collar hardly does anything to the dog. The dog will be shocked once and most likely never again. Unless your dog is really that stupid, they figure out the boundary in one shock I have a electric fence because I live in the middle of the woods... My dogs are safer with the electric fence then without. Plus when I got the electric fence they let me feel what it's like to get shocked. Enough to give you a jumps, but nothing else.

I find it funny watching TheIsland's posts get less and less upvotes as they become more radical. On a more related note, you guys can't assume they're putting shock collars on the cutest, most well-behaved puppies ever. Maybe they have a history of attacking people. Let's just assume OP is evil though, right? I'm not saying shock collars are the best idea, but they were being used to teach the dogs boundaries. People have done a lot worse to their dogs.

there is nothing wrong with a shock collar on a dog. People who don't discipline their dogs, most likely have the worst behaved ones. and I'm not talking about a love tap either, so a shock collar, or a kick in the head isn't a bad thing.

How can so many people defend the electric fence as a good method of training an animal? Clearly it's doing a shit job if OP had more than one dog get through it at once. Just the fact the dogs got through this one time blows the whole "at least he's not getting hit by a car!" argument right out of the water. Face it people, you need to train your dogs yourself! An electric fence is not only cruel, but any smart dog will find a way around it.

Oh, and saying "all I can say" before a post loses all meaning when it's two paragraphs long, 156.

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174 - A kick in the head? Really?

Fact: most cases of domestic dog aggression are caused by fear (often due to human behaviour) and are not the animal's fault. Fact: many people using shock collars haven't even attempted to train the dogs without te use of one. Fact: dogs do not have the understanding of a linear electric fence, they will understand one area they get zapped in and will continue to get zapped until they are aware of the entire area. This is not a matter of stupidity but more a lack of knowledge of how the fence actually works due to the fact dogs generally don't attend physics classes... So many dogs are brought into the sanctuary where I work with behaviour problems stemming from poor training and the animal being put in this situation in the first place (please note these collars are illegal here but are still used). If you can't handle an animal but you 'love it too much to get rid of it' do the animal a favour and give it to someone who can work with it without resorting to this bullshit method of 'training'.

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better then it getting out and slaughterred by another dog...

To be honest, as someone said below, if you can't afford to humanely fence your dog then you can't afford to have a dog. No dog deserves to be put down and there really aren't any 'untrainable' dogs, we brought in two 6month wild dogs in work (I mean literally domestic breeds left to roam the mountainside from birth with their mum who sadly died), they took a lot of work but they have been trained and have homes now. If you can't train it give it to someone who can, it's not the dog's failing its yours.

Say NO to ANY kind of animal cruelty. For all of u in favor of the collar look up the ten commandments of a dog. Maybe it will change ur mind.

FYI: A dog being run over by a bulldozer does not scream, it makes this loud crunching sound. I do enjoy your attempt at writing with a little bit of creativity though.

I agree, the point of the fence, is not to be cruel to a dog, but so they know the boundaries. If they cross it once they won't do it again.

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yea seriously, what i do is tie them to a hitch.

What the **** is a "bark collar" and how the **** did you not notice it was starting to burn your dogs' necks? Shock collars are bad enough but it's a dog's instinct to bark. If you don't like hearing dogs bark, don't OWN A DOG. I repeat: If you dislike the sound of barking dogs, DO NOT OWN A DOG. Jeez...

Hell yeah, most peeps here are so quick to judge

Apparently you're not aware that pain can make an animal MORE aggressive?

And what exactly does a dog being run over by a bulldozer sound like?

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Crunch. Sorry, I had to say it.

Is it just me, or is it that if there is "without thinking" in an FML, that YTDI is usually more popular?

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I simply clicked ydi for the poor analogy. That's a horrible one! Chihuahuas can be gorgeous dogs.

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And them running away and being splattered on a free-way wouldn't? Or being picked up by the dog pound and be euthanized? OH... And those scummy douchebags who will take strays and sell them or even kill them? My friend's dog was shot because it went into their neighbor's yard. My parents use Invisible Fence. I fully support it.

That would be a great argument if it worked. In OP's case (and a couple of cases I know of personally), it didn't. Why not a regular fence or keeping the dog on his/her lead while outside? Our dog stayed in the garden solely because we trained her well but I don't expect that will work for every dog, owner, or home.

My parents have a stone fence, but we have a very complex yard. Long driveway, lots of landscaping, pool, etc. Keeps the dogs safe *shrug* Anyway, hope the OP found their dogs. :(!

20, euthanasia isn't usually an issue if you microchip, and it isn't very painful, it's just like getting another vaccination (which I'd risk betting most of these pro-shock commenters don't get done annually on their pets they show such concern for...).

79, some people live on farms or large plots of land and don't want to have to build an actual fence along their entire yard.

Our animals are microchipped. But that doesn't prevent the other thousands of possibilities.

158, Your comment is the equivalent of saying that euthanasia doesn't hurt, so it's alright if they do it to humans. I don't even have a dog and your comment makes no sense. Because someone can have a fence, they don't care for their dogs and dont get them vaccinated? Some neighborhoods actually prohibit solid fences. It's not like the dog is getting shocked every day. They're not stupid, they figure out that it's uncomfortable, and they don't try it again.

^Exactly. Our dogs would chase cars coming up the driveway. They also have ran out the gate a few times. Our terrier mix Winston is a digger, which is a nightmare because a lot of time and money goes into our landscaping. My parents home is situated on a waterfront property on a peninsula in a sound. Our home is also only 2 mils away from a very busy interstate. So... yeah... There a lot of factors that go into having such a fence. Its not like we want to torture them. After a little while of having it they learned. They no longer chase cars or viciously attack our gardens. They've also never escape our yard.

No 172 dear I said the microchipping doesn't hurt you effing nitwit. Additionally my comment was saying that for all of the responses saying its the caring thing to do to shock your animal (instead of taking the time to train it), that they probably don't even bother getting them vaccinated, which is a once-a-year pain that does actually benefit the animal. I know for a fact that most people (where I'm from at least) that use the collars are also lazy enough to not vaccinated. When they come into the rescue I work in the ones who have used shock collars are usually never vaccinated and barely trained, most aren't even used to being on the lead. Lazy owners make for bad dogs, it's a sad fact.

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Thank you for the sound effect.. It makes the story that much funnier.. Fyl op that does suck.

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I hope you found out how much it hurts the poor dogs and decide not to put it on them anymore.

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actually dogs have less nerve receptors in their bodies than humans so a painful shock to us is only a minor shock to them

For whatever reason, this FML reminds me of Jurassic Park. :/ |the kid|

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That's an oddly specific sound OP, is there something you're not telling us? Either way hope your crotch is fine.

Maybe that is a standard buttsexpirate greeting. "Hello. Hope your crotch is doing well." "Fine, thank you. And yours?" "Just great since I switched to buttsex. Thanks for asking."

Am I a bad person because I laughed at the image of a chihuahua getting run over by a bulldozer? Lol

Who laughs at a poor helpless dogs death?

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I'm not really a fan of chihuahuas but that's terrible.

nah I find complete overkill one of the funniest things like killing a spider... with a ******* SLEDGEHAMMER!!

I laughed my ass off when I thought of it XD

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How do you know what a chihuahua sounds like when it's getting run over by a bulldozer?

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Test experiment. Don't worry, only a few chihuahuas were brutally murdered in the making of this FML. However, they're chihuahuas, that's not a Big loss. ... :) But don't think badly of op! It was in the name of FML! ^_^