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  BVBarmy_girl  |  22

Excuse me, but you must have misjudged the intentional meaning of my comment. I was not referring to OP specifically, but 'you' as in 'your family'. Plural, you know?

  RaggleFrock  |  13

41- i assume you are typing that on a computer or a phone which if you didn't buy or your parents didn't buy and donated the money instead... You see where I'm going with this?

Segway for life, homie.

  buckerado  |  19

Sorry 41 but some families work for a living and family goes first. Yes, I understand it's a Segway, but do you have a car or any 1st world item? If so, how come you didn't send money and complained about someone else spending their hard earned money.


I hate it when someone forces me to help others - it's called socialism. Only free market and free will works fine in real world. If someone's bought Sagway that's fine, even great - try to be happy 4 him.

  tmmundy  |  17

41..and just how much of you're hard earned money have you given up to solve world poverty, HIV or cancer? What items, such as the electronic device you used to type your comment, have you given up to help solve these issues? Don't start judging other people you don't even know about how they spend their HARD EARNED MONEY!!

  Faff  |  20

Why wouldn't you buy a segway?? well maybe because it's a waste of money for everyone that has a pair of legs. And it looks ridiculous. Only fat people and cops use those things.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

The only thing I could imagine was the mom zooming by yelling *weeeeooo* but in the voice of Pewdiepie. If anyone knows who Pewdiepie is, you know how hilarious that would be.

  panda_lou  |  11

What does having a Segway have anything to do with being lazy? If we are going with your thought process then anyone who eats dessert is a fat fuck.
You don't know her she may participate in yoga classes, go running, work a hard job where she earns the money to buy a Segway, and be on a healthy lifestyle plan.
God forbid if someone has fun with the money they earn.

  AngrySox  |  8

The girl is "going for a stroll in her yard". I don't know about you guys but my yard has never been "stroll worthy". I'm thinking there just rich mofos with a big ass yard and segways.

By  mangoboy1  |  19

I really want a Segway but pimped out with chrome rims, a spoiler and with an extra motor or something so I can race other people on their pimped out segways