By Anonymous - 17/07/2013 17:38 - United States - Monroe

Today, an old lady steamrolled over my foot with her wheelchair, then laughed as she slowly rolled away, leaving my toes in ruins. FML
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The irony is now you need a wheelchair, its a vicious cycle.

Old people can be cruel sometimes.


Old people can be cruel sometimes.

I agree that was a crushing move to roll with

Hah don't worry about it, take comfort in knowing she will die before you

maybe op could just speed up the process a bit though

The irony is now you need a wheelchair, its a vicious cycle.

When she got home, she posted on the MLIA website, "Today I rolled over a young stiff's toes then laughed maniacally as I slowly rolled away. The look in his face was priceless. MLIA"

I bet that grandma was singing in her head: They see me rollin', they hatin'... Damn you grandma; damn you!!!

"they see me rollin', they hatin"

oops, didn't see the comment before me :P

It's okay, she'll be dead soon. Bitch.

Based on the down votes. I am not. :/

That was mean of her, but what a fucked up thing to say.

^^true, but I'm being brutally honest. Oh well.

Must think since she's so old, she can get away with anything. Hope your foot heals soon.

I can't wait until I am old so I can get away with anything..

"slow but furious 7"

Wow that sucks

Ouch. Worse than banging your pinkie toe!! FYL, OP...