By theydidsmellitthough - 08/02/2013 21:59 - Israel - Netanya

Today, I was playing Slender, when I caught a glimpse of the Slenderman. I jumped in my chair, letting rip a huge fart in the process. Nobody heard it, but only because my shrieks of terror drowned out the sound. FML
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your user name completes this FML .

I personally do not find that game frightening. I was disappointed. At least you didn't shit yourself, OP.


I personally do not find that game frightening. I was disappointed. At least you didn't shit yourself, OP.

ThePsyche 9

I agree, in my opinion Bioshock 1 is the scariest video game.

TheManager 6

Never played Amnesia? Or Dead Space?

iOceanus 18

Slender gets boring if you play the game to beat it instead of trying to play it to get a scare. Also, after a few times of being scared, it wears off.

tjv3 10

You should try dead space 3 in complete darkness with turtle beach surround sound head phones

I heard those headphones suck, but I never tried them before. My brother has. I guess they break a lot or something. My friend got a pair and it broke first day.

I find mine craft scary at times. (Do de, more ores...*Ssssss* ACK CREEPER RUN GET AWAY MOVE FLY YOU FOOL HURRY AAHHHHH!!!!)

iOceanus 18

34: I've had the same pair of Turtle Beaches for 2 years now, and they're in perfect working condition. Your friend would've had to do something extreme to break them. :P 38: The "tsssss" noise from a creeper is the scariest sound I have ever experienced .__. Especially near any structures I've made.

#12, If you think BioShock is the scariest game ever, you're a freaking wimp.

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Sorry to tired and lazy ( I get up at 3 am for work). WTF is slender/slenderman?

I think with Slender it was more about it being made using quite simple graphics and a simple idea, but it still managed to be a good enough game :)

At this point, only indie games manage to be actually scary. Big developers have trouble capturing the concept nowadays, but low budget indie games do it quite well.

46 - I am seriously not saying this to be a dick. I am hoping what I am about to say will be read by you, as well as others, and perhaps spark something inside you all. You would find the answer to your question much faster and with less effort if you simply googled it yourself. Not only that, but you would most likely find a more detailed answer. Often times people give out poor information, but when you research things yourself you not only gain a more comprehensive understanding of the material, but you are less likely to end up believing false information. Plus, if you are ever in a disagreement, you can now reference where you found the information. Main point, it would be way faster to check it yourself.

Bioshock 1 isn't scary at all. It sets a scary tone in the beginning but definitely is not a horror. Amnesia/ or dead space is a real horror game

#46 excuse someone for trying to be a little more social than google.

#38 That is a perfectly acceptable sound to be afraid of. Because when you hear it you know it's too late and you know whatever you were working on is going bye bye.

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your user name completes this FML .

I agree! I laughed harder at OPs username than the FML! OP: if you were playing Slender, shouldn't you have been a little more prepared to see Slenderman? I mean, he's freaky, but it's not like you were playing Mario Kart and BOO! Slenderman...

TheManager 6

You have to be happy with the little things in life and in this case it's people not knowing that you fart when scared.

They do, though. Look at the username.

But they didn't know it was him. So that's still a plus.

Nobody heard it, and nobody would have known about it! But now we do know.

Oh ho ho, family guy.. *farts "What was that?" "What was what?" "Oh....nothing. I thought I smelled a fart but..: now I don't."

43, I guess no one likes family guy :/ that show is awesome haha

50, unlike you, as I am a bit ADHD. I can't quietly sit in a corner, I would probably start doing something annoying. My old babysitter always put me in the corner and took me back out because I swing my legs and the 4 legged chair kept bouncing, so she stuck my in front of the tv instead haha. *goes back to my swivel chair*

No... I think he would have mentioned the shit. In this case: shit doesn't happen.

Your a man an you shrieked that loudly ya drowned out the sound of your own fart HAHAHA!! You need a pair of balls!

walmart is inexpensive but some of the things there are low quality. I'd recommend going somewhere known for selling high quality balls.

They already busted so I'm looking for a new pair anyways.

obnint 3

I recommend Costco because Costco keeps the cost low.

Did you go into the bathrooms? Because that's a goddamn death trap.

I completely agree. Everytime I walk in there I move as fast as possible while going, "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, etc."

Well I want up see you playing the Silent Hill games. Those games are creepy as hell.

The first silent hill was about the only game to ever really freak me out, though dead space gave me a lot of jumps

I only played a little of the Dead Space game, but it did freak me out too. I heard it's a good series though.

dmoran20 27

Best game was the first resident evil when the dogs jumped through the windows... The silent hill games are good also, every time the damn radio starts with the white noise ur heart starts to race!