By typical - 13/04/2013 23:49 - United States - Cheshire

Today, I fell down the stairs. My mom came running from the other room because she thought it was the dog. She rolled her eyes and walked away when she saw it was me. FML
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stevenJB 25

Wonder how some people consider themselves parents. :/ you could've been really hurt

I would be worried about the dog too


stevenJB 25

Wonder how some people consider themselves parents. :/ you could've been really hurt

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

What a bitch

.. Totally off topic, but about 90% of women would kill for hair as soft and luxurious looking as yours, sir. That is the fanciest hair I have seen in some time. o.o

chell1894 13

I honestly don't think if she was really hurt the Mom would have just walked away. Obviously she saw op and if ops leg was broken she would have done something. That's just a possibility. I could be wrong.

jem970 19

I was turned into a "stalker" to! I had to go look at the hair... its so pretty and shiny... can I touch it? LOL jk... or am I? o.0

He has over 3000 visits because he looks like a girl. Course, almost any guy would look like a girl with hair like that.

stevenJB 25

#54 ^BAHAHAHAHAH^ no -.- About 2900 views were from before I had this as my piv

stevenJB 25


I would be worried about the dog too

I think a lot of people put animals before human beings. A good example is whenever my puppy is soundly sleeping on my lap and I have to pee.. But I don't want to wake her up and bother her. .___. Granted if someone fell down the stairs I would not simply roll my eyes and walk away seeing as how it was not a dog. That's just wrong. D:

I do that 2! If it was my sister probably i'll pee on her..

#32, that seriously concerns me.

Damn. That's cold as fuck!

perdix 29

How does a dog fall down stairs? They have four legs, for Chissake! Does he have a drinking problem?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Don't underestimate a dog's craziness/clumsiness.

Yeah, they can hardly stand up in a moving vehicle if their heads aren't precariously out the window.

like the Tom cat Quote from Tom& Jerry

Maybe you should throw her down the stairs.

ah a mothers love. priceless.

More lack of love, if you ask me.

Some parents that I read about here just aren't right... Hope you were ok

Ouch. Burned by your mom.

perdix 29

She walked away after she saw that her balloon trick worked out perfectly.

StarThrower 17

Crawl into her room with a leash around your neck, your tongue out, drooling, wagging your "tail" and whimpering, "Do you love me now you love me now?..." You can wear your decapitated dog's face as a mask if you want to take it to the next level. If that doesn't get the message across, nothing will.

Nikkitaria 9

That's way too many shades of creepy.

And a little disturbing.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

StarThrower 17

Well, that's what happens when you neglect to check your kid for head injury after a tumble off stairs. >:D

Zack6849 8

if op did something like this I'm sure their mother would check their head thoroughly

StarThrower 17

Isn't it sad, when a child has to resort to such shockingly drastic measures in order to gain a mother's love and attention? What has society come to?!

That just sounds like your average Pokemon creepypasta to me.

27-... what the hell kinds of creepypasta have you been reading!?

jem970 19

Ive never seen or heard of Pokemon taken to that level... but hey I don't get out much :)

... There are two kinds of people

StarThrower 17

Those who have something interesting to say, and those who don't.