By anon - 01/10/2010 02:54 - United States

Today, I removed all my online dating profiles. Apparently my ex-husband finds stalking me online preferable to spending time with his new girlfriend. FML
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He's not the only one stalking you online, Sarah. ;)

Um they were married- what do you think??

Comments least he still has a "thing" for you hahaha!!

Lol, at least you're valuable to somebody.

what if he has to take a shit?

Stalking ex-wives online is the new fad.

Time to buy a water gun.

lol oh wow.... yall two mustve really been close !

Um they were married- what do you think??

He's not the only one stalking you online, Sarah. ;)

You know the OP? Please change your picture before he totally changes his mind

What's the matter with my picture?

Nothing Fight Club girl. I insinuated that you’re the husband girlfriend.

How dare you break the first and second rule!

Not to mention rule 37!

you also broke rule 100. no tubbies

Lol. Is that a joke? :P either way I'm laughing.

It's kind of hard to tell how creepy this is based on the fact that we don't know who divorced who or how it all went down.

How do you even know he's stalking you? unless he confessed.

I mean some online profiles allow you to see who has looked at your page so that might be how


I did not expect that to be an actual word. Well played.

We are going to ignore him, Mercy.

Your ex husband is searching for the guy you cheated on him with. He wants to kill him . :O