By Rachal - 30/01/2012 01:27 - United States

Today, I was standing in the bathroom and farted. It felt like someone stabbed me in the butt. I jumped out of shock, and my head slammed into the mirror. My glasses fell onto the floor and broke. I now need new glasses, a new mirror, and an ice pack for my head. All because I farted. FML
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That's one hell of a fart.

I didn't know a fart could cause that much damage...


A little too excited there

Sounds like an extreme case of mudbutt.

This FML made my penis go really soft.

17 - your comment made me want to slap you in the face with my penis.

17- Are you expecting a trophy or something?

Give this man a spanky award!

17 is trying to be funny but completely backfired on him..

This is a crappy situation.

I bet it's swamp ass

Wow i hate it when that happens haha

Now during class when you suddenly slam your head on the desk, everyone read this FML and understands you farted.

Maybe you need to go get that checked out. But thanks OP now my nose hurts because I laughed so hard Pepsi came out

Hahaha halarious!

That's one hell of a fart.

Can't even begin to imagine what it must have smelled like.

I'm jealous! I wish my farts would launch me into my mirror!

You got me beat :(

33 & 57- Holy shit! That made the fml so much more funny XD

It's a bird! it's a plane! No, it *coughing fit* .. super ..fart. Oh crap, he just sharted!

Good luck explaining THAT to your parents. They will probably disown you. FYL

I didn't know a fart could cause that much damage...

You obviously have not seen this one Dexter Laboratory episode...but that reference is a bit obscure, I think

Silent but Deadly.

Are you a duck?

how on earth did farting feel like getting stabbed? what do you eat?!

Something really spicy would do it.

spicy foods would cause you to shit your pants as you farted. the experience oh how i loathe it.

I eat spicy food all the time and can safely say that my farts have never been that deadly :')

must be the artificial spicy foods then.

More likely op has hemmoroids an pressure of gas on them caused pain. Op should get their ass examined!

Tacos dont hurt people. They are very delicious and good. Besides taco bell is fake mexican food. Its good sometimes but cant beat original tacos beaner made.

It sometimes happens to people with acid reflux. It's basically a fold in your intestines catching the air.

Who knew farting could be so dangerous. ..

And that's why I stopped eating taco bell

Maybe a ghost decided to troll you and stab your butt.

Farts do work in mysterious ways. Makes you wonder...

don't under estimate the power of farting! want to be alone in a room? fart! want a brand new spankin' mirror? fart!

For the first one I've seen people light a cigarette For the second, leave a window open and throw a base ball through it, then blame the neighbor kids There, now no need to fart