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Today, I found out that Google+ has been automatically uploading my cell phone pictures as I take them. My friends have now seen pictures of me, my penis, and other things too horrifying to talk about. FML
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It's like that stupid feature on Facebook that tells people what articles you've been reading. No privacy at all. But anyways, taking "dick pics" is never a good idea.

what photos have you been taking that are worse than ones of your dick? just out of curiosity!


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Ah the social media realm, u gotta love it. There are a google amount of ways to be embarassed.

On the bright side, since it was on Google+, I doubt a lot of people saw it. Finally, something Google+ is useful for: privacy.

What I want to know is, why were you taking pictures of your penis??

Wow, didn't think a human being could be that stupid.

17: you mean googol. Google is the company, googol is the number.

I thought the number was a "googolplex" you know a 1 followed by 100 zeroes...

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A googolplex is a googol raised to the googol power. It's an inconceivably large number with more digits in it than there are atoms in the universe. It can't even be written down in its proper form (even if you wrote one digit on every atom!) it can only be written in scientific location. Now Google, the company...massive issues with privacy. You think Facebook is bad? I'm not touching Google+ with a 10 foot pole. Unfortunately OP got a little too close with his...pole.

106 I feel like that isn't true but I don't know enough about numbers to contradict you. You win this round complex abstract math.

Marcella1016 31

I hate saying this in this context...but just Just Google it. Googol: 1 followed by 100 zeros Googolplex: 1 followed by 100 zeros raised to the power of 1 followed by 100 zeros Everything else I said about the size of the number is true. I believe some scientist came up with the number to help explain the concept of infinity to his son.

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If your using the android app (not familiar with iphone version so I won't make assumptions) it uploads them to a private album only visible by you, unfortunately it doesn't make that clear it just shows up in your photos tab and shows every picture you have taken since installing the app. If you view your account via someone else's or as a guest they don't show up. There is a setting option to change that. Obviously this doesn't safeguard against account hacks etc... Or just uninstall the app since almost no one uses google+

People and their weird fetishes now a days

It uploads to a private folder. Also, it's opt in, so you must have told it to do that...

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You clowns, a googol is 10^100 and a googolplex is 10^googol or 10^(10^100). There are not enough elementary particles in the known universe to equal a googolplex, and therefore it is considered to be at the extreme of infinity. Albeit, we define infinity as a number that cant be quantified despite the fact that, at least in the sense of fundamental calculus, 1/0 = infinity and 1/infinity = 0.

OP why were you taking pics of your dicks :s

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If you are a man, and you have a camera, at some point in your life, you'll take pictures, not for anyone else to see, just for yourself. I have yet to find an explanation of the phenomenon.

Really! Who cares?!? what did this have to do with numbers anyway...

A googolplex and a googol is 2 different numbers, in which the googolplex is around infinitely many times bigger, I believe Numberphile has a YouTube video about googols and googolplexs. :)

It's like that stupid feature on Facebook that tells people what articles you've been reading. No privacy at all. But anyways, taking "dick pics" is never a good idea.

I thought it was only when you 'share' an article that people can see it. What bugs me, that I make sure not to do, is allow Facebook posts to 'use your current location.' I don't need to help the stalkers if there are any.

Nope, it auto does it for a lot of sites. Pretty gay, but funny as you notice there's people reading weirdass articles

It's a pain in the ass... Sometimes I want to read the articles that show up on my wall but I can't because I don't want to allow it to share automatically and do other stuff -.-

It comes from a third party app that tells you what it can do before you install it. So if it's posting what articles you've been reading, it's of your own consequence, not Facebook's.

****! I show balls, my face, throw up "MySpace pic dueces", and text bomb everybody. I've been doing it all wrong.

Facebook only does that if you share the article or read them via their Facebook apps. You can go to the actual website without it being posted.

2, Facebook doesn't have privacy issues, that would imply they have a form of privacy to have issues with. I recently noticed that when I comment on something unrelated to any of my other friends it can appear on their news feed. Major WTF moment. I comment on someones photo and it shows up visible to the world...thanks facebook.

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You would know the rules o posting those piccs.....perv

This wasn't solely the fault of technology. OP's stupidity had a huge part to play. There ate settings for turning that shit off. YDI 100%. and FYL too for the shame!

22- that is overused way too much and you probably copied it from some comedian

Just nod n say u thank you're dad for the wonderful gift. Just wanted to share it to others is all.

What does that have to do with anything?

Mostly, penis size is genetic. Saying to thank the dad for his penis size and saying he just wanted everyone to see it.

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6, i would assume for sexting or trading underaged girls.

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20~I wouldnt doubt the "underage girls", seeing how OP does strike me as a pervert.

23, pedobear must approve before its official.

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Same reason girls take nude pics they don't send sometimes

Hes a dude and most dude take dick pics, get over it :p

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Most dudes do? I don't think so. U look like a ****** rapist btw

43 -I still haven't figured that one out either. Why did they take them in the first place if they weren't going to send them?

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um well when i take naughty pictures they most certainly are to send to someone. if a girl in your life told you she took them for her own eyes only, i have a feeling she is lying.....

I wouldn't be too quick to assume that he was sexting "underage girls". He probably was sexting, but it doesn't have to be to underage girls. Or guys...

what photos have you been taking that are worse than ones of your dick? just out of curiosity!

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Maybe him sticking his finger up his ass? Hmmm

Maybe he takes pictures of himself lighting his farts on fire?

consuming his semen, after a much need jerking

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Lmao! Hey #7! Considering all the listed possible suggestions, are you still all that curious to know now? ;) I'd pass on that. :)

Marcella1016 31

An unusally shaped poo he just did, a dirty condom from last month he found under his bed, a used tampon he kept as a momento from when he had a blood nose, the cheesy crotch of his mum's dirty undies he fondles himself over, a pussy pimple on his arse he sent in to Dolly Doctor, toilet paper caught in his pubes, last night's bean burrito against the ceramic, his werewolf-like back hair, an award winning photography action shot of perspiration dripping from his grandmother's moustache, the substance under his foreskin after a week long camping trip, photographic ecidence of that grenade he brough home after one too many tequilla...

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I'm kinda surprised no one has yet to mention the ever elusive barking spider...

Maybe him doing a chilli dog to some random guy with breast implants

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Why are you taking pictures of things more horrifying than your penis in the first place?

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Multiple pictures of his penis

lrgenesis 19

Whoops my bad thought you said "what's more horrifying than your penis in the first place" well maybe op has issues that need to be talked over with a counselor, like his desire to photograph his junk

His sister playing with herself, under the jacket on her lap, in the back seat of the car?

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My husband sent me pics of his penis while on deployment. It kept the spark in our marriage alive from afar

the pen(is) mighter then the umm i dont know.

lrgenesis 19

Well that's certainly an… interesting circumstance. I guess there are certain reasons for that but op doesn't come across to me as someone who is on deployment.

35 - how is it disgusting? I'm sure it's for a girlfriend or something and not just like "hey I'm gonna take a picture of my shlong real quick"..

Prude! What kinda guy thinks their dick is disgusting? U gotta think that shit is a masterpiece, if you don't what woman will..

ryukk_fml 3

ir- Are naked girls are disgusting? What about sex? Is that disgusting too? Grow up.

I love penis pics regardless of deployment. If you're in a relationship, who cares. Be more open minded

Hahaha.. I'm sure your **** is a lil man too..

80 -"guys, we know that our dicks aren't a mantelpiece right?" -Dane Cook

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Yyyyeeeeepppp! Would-tear 36.

lrgenesis 19

Everyone- there's never a good time to take a pic of your penis… if it's for your gf then just show her your penis in real life. You don't have to take a pic of it, seriously

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Too horrifying to talk about? More horrifying than random pictures of your genitals? Wtf have you been up to op?