By Anonymous - 08/06/2014 02:34 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I went to the restroom to pee. A loud fart exploded out of my ass and echoed in the toilet bowl. I could practically feel my face on fire when I saw the horrified look on a little girl's face as I walked out. FML
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BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

I hope you pay for her years of therapy


At least you didn't see a man holding his penis up to the hand-dryer.

At my old job we had a lady pleasuring her lady-bits from the hand dryer...I don't understand this world.

BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

I hope you pay for her years of therapy

Couldn't be the first time she heard someone fart! Nevertheless, kids have a way of making you feel insecure.

Isn't that so weird how that works? Most children aren't even allowed to dress themselves yet I always feel like they're judging me.

Nothing better than a pissfart to scare a child.

The word pissfart just sounds hilarious.

No, 45, putting quotation marks around it won't make it funnier.

iLike2Teabag 27

What about walking out of a stall to find a man on his tip toes with his penis under the hand dryer?

#72 : I was wondering what that had to do with anything when I scrolled down and saw that FML. XD

1dvs_bstd 41

5 for the sound, 5 for the scare... yeah definitely 10/10.

Depends on if smell is a good or bad factor, haha :P

If OP was a guy she'd be bragging about it.

Ah, you killed it, 41. It probably got a 4/10.

niamhyo 13

People fart. All people. Can we please stop making a big deal out of it? Oh mah God i just farted!1! It's NORMAL human behaviour!

#8: Well, it's more of a bodily function than a behaviour, but I completely agree.

I dot understand how this was published. It's not funny or an FML, really. People fart all the god damn time.

tattooedcowboy 6

at least you were in the restroom

Bluebl4ze 16

Kid should've applauded...It would still be a FYL but u could've laughed abt it better