By Anonymous - 08/06/2014 02:34 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I went to the restroom to pee. A loud fart exploded out of my ass and echoed in the toilet bowl. I could practically feel my face on fire when I saw the horrified look on a little girl's face as I walked out. FML
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Scarred for life haha

I hope you pay for her years of therapy


Scarred for life haha

At least you didn't see a man holding his penis up to the hand-dryer.

At my old job we had a lady pleasuring her lady-bits from the hand dryer...I don't understand this world.

I hope you pay for her years of therapy

She was like oh lord have mercy

Couldn't be the first time she heard someone fart! Nevertheless, kids have a way of making you feel insecure.

Isn't that so weird how that works? Most children aren't even allowed to dress themselves yet I always feel like they're judging me.

Nothing better than a pissfart to scare a child.

The word pissfart just sounds hilarious.

No, 45, putting quotation marks around it won't make it funnier.

What about walking out of a stall to find a man on his tip toes with his penis under the hand dryer?

#72 : I was wondering what that had to do with anything when I scrolled down and saw that FML. XD

Was your fart 10/10 worthy?

5 for the sound, 5 for the scare... yeah definitely 10/10.

Depends on if smell is a good or bad factor, haha :P

If OP was a guy she'd be bragging about it.

Ah, you killed it, 41. It probably got a 4/10.

Kids are so judgemental

People fart. All people. Can we please stop making a big deal out of it? Oh mah God i just farted!1! It's NORMAL human behaviour!

#8: Well, it's more of a bodily function than a behaviour, but I completely agree.

Today, I farted. FML

I dot understand how this was published. It's not funny or an FML, really. People fart all the god damn time.

at least you were in the restroom

Kid should've applauded...It would still be a FYL but u could've laughed abt it better