By Chantraine - 26/08/2018 19:30 - United Kingdom

Today, after a long day at work, I grabbed some flowers for my fiancée. As I got to my front door, I heard screaming inside. Thinking there was a burglar, I Immediately ran to where the screams were originating. My bride-to-be was screwing my best friend. FML
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darkenedone 27


darkenedone 27

I'm so sorry. At least you found out before you married her.

Classic! & the op is a Brit double classic!!

Bride to bone...not a bride to be...

MannyWasHere 12

hope you told them once they are done ******* each other they can **** off outta your life

As heartbroken as you maybe right now, at least you found out before the wedding

We definitely need a follow up Did you kick him? Or you know...

Please follow-up and very sorry to hear you have my condolences 😐