By Anonymous
Today, my brother threw a mug at my head and threatened to stab anybody who came at him because I woke him up for school. I called the police after threats were thrown at my mom, who then lied to them and said I overreacted. I'm currently getting the silent treatment from my family. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  20

That is seriously disturbing. OP’s brother almost sounds like he has PTSD or is mimicking someone with PTSD. While Mom’s reaction is understandable it is also wrong headed. She’s trying to protect OP’s brother from the consequences of his actions and threats, while she should be more concerned about everyone else’s safety including OP and herself.

This is potentially a case far beyond an FML. This family needs help. Mental illness is a very serious illness and OP’s brother appears to be beyond ordinary shitty behavior to potentially being a serious mental health issue.

  32scotty32  |  7

I bet you're the kind of assclown who judges families thinking you're some kind of behavioral therapist and when you see indicators for things that probably don't exist beyond your personal perceptions and personal experiences you call police and CPS. You're literally THAT guy aren't you. People like you are the reason this mom denied it. Rightfully so, Police and CPS will make things even worse when irresponsibly called. Consequences should be dealt with within the family, by the family. This kid is getting the silent treatment because he/she betrayed the trust of the family. Consequences are clearly being held up and this is just a one sided view point of a situation. We have absolutely no context of the situation or the view point of the brother who's "PTSD" might be getting harassed every morning in ways that makes him grumpy as shit and ruin his whole day and he finally got sick of it. Families say shit to each other that is outside the normal range and it's usually in response to other weird shit that's outside the normal range. "I just went to wake my brother up" sais the fuckin punk who grabs a pillow and slams it on his head or shakes him really hard and screams 'WAKE UP!!!" Sometimes things get out of hand but it doesn't mean anyone is gonna die or police need to be called it's just typical dysfunctional family bullshit. Which is probably why this little punk ass is getting the silent treatment because unless someone actually gets stabbed or actually being abused and not just in a family fight you don't call the police on family like that, like damn give the kid space let him calm down maybe he's mad everyone coming into his room while he has a boner or something fuck man.

  sunnyray812  |  42

Nathan, no normal person threatens to stab someone just for waking them up for school. Any threat is to be taken seriously to prevent it from happening, even if the threat is not planned to be acted upon. Others' safety is NOT worth that risk. It doesn't matter whether it's a stranger, acquaintance, friend, or relative. Anyone who behaves in such a way as OPs brother needs to face the consequences. The family defending him are only making it worse. If it was me, I'd cut contact with them for being too damn blind and not caring for the safety of each other. I actually disowned my uncle when he brought a pedophile into his house and other people with bad histories/intentions. His "friends" are a danger to my family, and he brings them over which causes trouble for everyone, so he can shove a cactus up his damn ass for all I care! OP did exactly what any logical person would've done. If his family can't see that, he's better off without them.

  32scotty32  |  7

That's the thing, you're comparing a situation with pedophiles to an angry raging hormonal teenager which is frankly typical of angry raging hormonal teenagers. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he had a giant boner and just wanted privacy, honestly, being real as fuck right now, think about the why would a male teenage boy be so angry in the morning at his siblings coming into his room??? What awkward shit would prompt an angry response like that? Maybe something hella embarrassing!?!. Did you not grow up with siblings?????? Fuck man I grew up with 4 and we all made threats, had fights, did crazy shit. I was probably the craziest but I still never actually stabbed anyone despite making the threat a few times. I doubt you know what it's like having siblings start shit with you. And you don't know if he had any consequences do you. No, you have the one sided word of some kid, a sibling, siblings are manipulative little shits to each other who never take responsibility and often the best way to parent them is to not let them know what the other siblings punishment/consequence is because they will just rub it in there face and it's not about that. And OP didn't say shit about the Brothers consequence at all, just complaining that OP's family is mad at OP for getting authorities involved.

All you thumbs down people obviously grew up as single children who lived in plastic bubbles coddled by your parents. I bet you're entitled lil shitters too who drink pumpkin spice at start bucks and pretend to read socialism books so you can look "cool" while you judge things completely out of context. And if OP wants to leave home and be rid of family over it then ok good for OP, OP can whatever he/she wants with his/her life. But I'll bet real money this is all over something really goddamn petty and silly and probably embarrassing and the truth of it would probably leave you eating your own filthy words.

  sunnyray812  |  42

Though my older sister was on her own when I was born, I did grow up with my younger sister. Plus, I did live with a teenage boy when my mom dated his father. Yes, there was lack of privacy. Yes, there were arguments, but no one threatened to kill each other and no one harmed one another. There is absolutely NO excuse for such a behavior. You say that we are jumping to OP's side, but you're doing the same thing only that you're jumping to his brother's side. If the situation bad that OP felt he needed to call the cops, I'm more than sure OP's side needs to be taken seriously. Also, let me repeat what I stated above: There is NO excuse to be behaving in that way. Absolutely NONE! If it is indeed a hormonal issue, he needs to be sent to the doctor to get treated. Still, the family is in the wrong for lying to the police and blaming OP for something his brother did. If they keep catering to him now, it'll only get worse over time.

By  sunnyray812  |  42

If your family is going to defend your insane brother who is threatening and possibly assaulting people, they can go fuck themselves. They obviously don't have their priorities straight and are blaming the wrong person. Let them be silent for their whole lives if they want. I wouldn't talk to anyone (even family) if they choose to stand beside a lunatic after knowing what happened.

By  silentbabydeer  |  10

You’re not the only one I know what that is like. I had witnessed my little brother fighting with his wife so bad that he legit broke her SUV side mirror and shattered the right front passenger side window. I called cop on him for the safety of my three boys and their two small children. When he found out I called cop on him he ran off because apparently he had warrant out on him. My mom lied to the cops that there was nothing going on and then she proceed kick me and my boys out of her house. Moms will always side with her bad child no matter what.

By  Ciara Koch  |  21

I mean that was shitty off him but I mean you don’t call the cops on family especially if this was just like a fit ik im going to get voted down but the police almost never “help “ a situation