By Anonymous - 30/01/2014 12:34 - United States

Today, I was sitting on the couch, watching The Avengers with my 4-year-old daughter, who loves the Hulk. When Hulk finally showed up, she excitedly looked at me and screamed, "Hulk Smash" before slamming both of her fists into my balls. FML
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Badass daughter if I say so myself

She has the makings of a superhero. You should be proud.



Badass daughter if I say so myself

Schizomaniac 24

I agree. Sounds like she needs to have some strong Christian values instilled in her. People don't understand that violence wouldn't happen if only everyone praised the Almighty Yahweh, Reedemer and Protector of Souls. It's no wonder America is going down the tank. We need to put God back in schools. Repent for your sins.

incoherentrmblr 21

At least she knows self defense...

Parenting: it isn't easy, sometimes it's downright painful, but don't worry, you're definitely doing it right!

8313girl 28

That is so cute! I know you singing soprano now but it'll be something for you and her to laugh about later.

OP, consider yourself lucky. She will grow up crushing men's balls. I suggest you get a protective cup to wear around her, covered by padding to soften the blow, so she won't hurt her fists, on you.

She has the makings of a superhero. You should be proud.

I'm trying to make up a new superhero name for her IT'S HARD.

killinpoptarts 9

#17 what about non-green smashing machine?

We should collaborate. My suggestions: The Nutcracker or Crown Jewel.

killinpoptarts 9

#23 her saying could be "a broken nut is better than a busted nut"

23 would that mean she can't fight girls consider they don't have nuts?

23, Crown Jewel is the clear winner here.

funnyguy_101 4

At least you won't be able to have anymore kids to do that again.

Better than having her liking one direction or justin bieber

Justin Beiber is fading into memory, 1D is soon to follow just like other boy bands.

Rainhawk94 27

Everyone go vote to get Justin beaver deported

No thanks, you can keep him USA, please; we insist. Dont send him back here.

No! We don't want him anymore! Take him back! Don't you know we have enough assholes here? And most of them are running the government! Surely you guys can handle just one. He can hang out with the mayor of Toronto! They'll be besties!

@41, the petition already got the 100,000 votes it needs!

Okay, if you won't take Justin Bieber back, can you take Ted Cruz back then? Oh, and Nickelback.

arandomusernameaa 20

They should deport him to Mars... that way we don't have to put up with him, and he is actually being useful...

If you don't want Jusyin Beiber can you atleast take Miley Cyrus before we all go blind and deaf?

#67 But Miley isnt Canadian. JB is. Deported quite literally means "exhile back to homeland."

TheDrifter 23

Sorry, Canada had a strict "you break it you bought it" policy. No returns on malfunctioning pop singers.

then emigrate them all to the moon i own about 2 square feet they can all share

At least your daughter is an Avengers fan. You should be proud! :D

I dunno... The Watchmen are more badass IMO. Rorschach is probably the best "hero?" of all time. Then again that isn't a 4 year old friendly comic.

Graphic novel or comic book...and hands down no questions asked the comic book wins...well in my opinion...

shivamtrivedi 24

Well, hulk is super awesome, you know..... And it's better than oh having to drive her to and endure one direction and Justin bieber concerts.