By rs - Egypt
Today, after watching Hulk with my friends, we spent a good half hour discussing exactly how enlarged Bruce Banner's package would be in his Hulk state. I couldn't hide my excitement, and now my friends won't stop teasing me. FML
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  darf1023  |  3

Actually, i think it would shrink. My reasoning is simple: when Bruce goes into Hulk, he gets bigger and stronger, right. So the anger is Bruces steroids. However, we know that steroids shrink the package. So....yea.

By  ilovefall10  |  21

At first I thought OP was a man due to the subject
but when I saw that she was a woman,
I couldn't help but to think how this was a bad stuff.

I thought girls liked talking about such stuff.

By  jannielovesjack  |  0

I'm pretty sure any straight woman would be excited to see a package that big OP. At least i would. your friends are probably just afraid of admitting it themselves and are teasing you to cover up their own feelings.

  gracehi  |  31

While it may be illegal for a 14 year old boy to view porn, that doesn't mean 14 year old boys aren't INTERESTED in porn. She actually brings up a valid point. However I have to agree that, although you are certainly old enough to be interested in penises, you are too young to act upon that interest. Just keep fantasizing about the Hulk's fictional green giant throbbing penis for now.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

9- It's not abnormal to be interested in sex and sexual things at 14, male or female. But the fact that you're 14 means you haven't learned yet that bigger does not equal better. If a regular, human penis hitting my cervix hurts bad enough to ruin the mood and make me cry, I would not want to be anywhere near Hulk penis. Okay as a fantasy, but I can't get past the organ liquifying, free episiotomy giving destruction that would ensue.