By FMe - 04/05/2015 14:49 - United Kingdom

Today, I got yelled at for 'letting' my muddy dog jump on my cousin's wedding dress as she was getting ready. I don't own a dog and haven't since I was a kid. FML
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So the question is, "who let the dogs out?"

Then why not explain that?


dagarr 11

lassy go home

Then why not explain that?

He was probably watching the dog for someone else and holding the leash, and the family didn't care to hear that it wasn't his. There must have been a reason to assume it was his dog, people don't randomly pick a guest and accuse them for what a dog does.

So the question is, "who let the dogs out?"

I was gonna say that

Who? Who? Who? Who?

They really barked up the wrong tree

Nice try #39. Don't quit your day job.

Brides are crazy. Hopefully she will calm down enough to realize that it wasn't your fault and apologize. I really hope you guys were able to get it clean in time for her big day, though!

exactly, im sure everyone is just stressed out and sadly op was selected to let off some steam on

While she may wind up not blaming OP, she will not "calm down". Her freaking wedding dress was muddied.

chef4money 12

I think a dog getting your wedding dress muddy as you are getting ready to walk down the isle is a huge deal. While some brides go crazy over little things, I totally understand her going crazy over this.

Now isn't that a bitch? Maybe everyone should just paws for a minute and find a way to clean the dress, not point fingers at you. Sorry OP!

psychopolarbear 28

Doesn't matter now, I'm sure they're on the tail end of this argument. I could understand if the bride is still hounding people about the wedding dress though. Those things are expensive.

Could you not interrupt during this 'yelling' and tell them?

Who says OP didn't? Wouldn't change the fact that he got yelled at.

Why would they think it's yours in the first place?

Who would think it was your dog, if you haven't had one for so many years? Seems like a whimsical story, sorry /:

drunk_crow 12

Throw more mud at it.

The dog was helping decorate the dress :)