Tickle time

By sarahbeth93 - 20/07/2011 04:07 - United States

Today, I told my boyfriend to stop tickling me, since I absolutely hate being tickled. He got extremely pissed at me and left the room. It took me a full five minutes to realize that I'd called him by my ex's name. FML
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Susieee_Q 9

Don't worry, that just means it'll probably be the last time you ever get tickled by your soon-to-be ex boyfriend.


dropdeadtrollin 0

no no no. her brain herp'd when it should have derped. it's got the herpie derpies.

40. I would like to see physical evidence proving your lack of genital herpes. otherwise. you iz lies!

MrFlintstone 5

she must have recently consumed sprinkles........ donut herpies

-40 Don't worry if you caught it at Vegas... *remembers hangover* Oh ya you're screwed.

je_suis_fml 11

40- the fact that you immediately disclaimed proves otherwise.

There is now WAY too FMLs about people talking to their boyfriend/girlfriend and saying their ex's name.

Jownz345 3
Susieee_Q 9

Don't worry, that just means it'll probably be the last time you ever get tickled by your soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

I think it would be pretty shallow for him to break up with her for a stupid accident like that

MaximilianMarche 0

I agree, 23. I've made that mistake before.

Like he never called her by a ex's name before

The boyfriend needs to grow the **** up, that sort of thing happens.

that's not a reason to break up, I'd be pissed but not to the point of break up.

that sort of thing doesn't just happen unless you think about the ex all the time. I have plenty of ex's that were serious and I've Never done that, never even came close

Sacurason 0

It's so convenient when you've only ever had one girlfriend. No exes to mix up names with o.o

when i started dating my wife, I told her it was gonna happen sooner or later, almost all my ex-gf's names are very alike.. she understands, just never do it in the bed!

My two cousins (who are brothers) both got married a few years ago. One married a Kelly and the other a Kerry. My uncle gets their names wrong ALL the time! Both get incredibly offended by it because Kerry is a stuck up bitch, Kelly is a council house kid and they hate each other. I find it hilarious every time he gets it wrong :)

cimh 9

Wow... I'd be so mad if my bf would say another name in bed! But I honestly mix up different names all the time - but not necessarily ex-bf-names but just different names!

Beebow_fml 5

15-I read that as your two gay and incestial cousins got married at first.

U look great. Hope we can talk more.

hi 5 I think you should put your boobs away because this isn't a dating site, it's fml

a_nutritionist 10

hi 36 i think you should stop bitching about barely noticeable cleavage because this isnt the 50's, its 2011.

well 36, I very much like her boobs where they are

bpell15 5

I think it's funny people talking about her boobs like they've never seen any before. clearly she can wear whatever she likes. and it doesn't matter what anyone on this site says.

Well, i'm pretty sure that pic is not his/hers. I've seen that girl's pic used countless time across different genres of forums.

bpell15 5

or maybe it is theirs and they go on different genres of forums?

66 - I highly doubt a girl like that would be interested in mens health, sports betting sites and Tamiya forums.

bpell15 5

"a girl like that" when you say that you make it sound like you personally know the gal.

fijisoccer15 4
Houseofpleasure 0

beautiful w. nice lips :-)

Houseofpleasure 0

hey there I think I have seen you somewhere.

You can't really blame him being pissed off at that now can you? However, tickling is cruel and unusual and anything you say while being tickled should automatically be expunged from the record so ultimately it is equally his fault!

Thank you! I totally agree. I absolutely hate being tickled as well. You can't be held responsible for what you say or do in that situation.

gofferurself 10

Why do you need to use his name though? Unless several people are tickling you, something like "Stop **** tickling me, I hate it and if you do it again no sex for a week" should work just fine.

Hmm... This is very true. Good point, 43.

RaaabbleRabble 0

Maybe her ex boyfriend tickled her a lot? And it was a reflex to start bitching him out whenever she got tickled.

43 - that's a very good point, but does require the ability to compose a rational sentence. Anyone sufficiently ticklish will tell you that this is not easy to do while being tortured!

You could say that you were angry and upset, and the name you think of when angry is your ex, not him, so he cannot be angry at you.

did he exit the room like "IM NOT PLAYING WITH U ANYMORE >;(" ?

Aww. That sucks. That sucks for both of you.. ;o

common mistakes...can happen to anyone...try and make it up to him.... tickle him instead...(y)

Why are you... Using so many... full..........Stops?

if i did that to my bf it would piss him off even more