By asdfghjkl - / Wednesday 10 February 2010 19:20 / United States
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  AngryNinja  |  1

chicks dotnt wear boxers, Ajjas. duh.

she's not a slut. she's just a hoe. now 'accidentally' put your bra on on the outside of your shirt tomorrow, op. that'll really get 'em goin'.

  sobe23  |  0

You're in middle school, you won't understand until you're older and realize that sleeping with people is what makes you a slut, not showing a pair of underwear. dumbass.


#91 I was joking about the fact that people take things too seriously and some people might think she showed off her underwear on purpose in order to attract boys, which would be slutty.

  hotscar  |  3

no, i've had my experience with private schools. catholic ones especially. they are actually worse when it comes to how slutty the girls are

  Zills  |  0

I live right in between two catholic highschools and I'm 15 I know what you mean it's a fantasy come true.

op how is this a fyl a girl at my school gave like 8 guys head this year and people never bug her about her being a slut not directly anyhow and who cares what ppl think about you

  AngryNinja  |  1

126, that's why i said she's only a hoe.

127, catholic high school girls are sluts and catholic hs guys are gay. coming from a catholic school into a public school has made me even worse than a catholic hs girl. but i don't fling myself around like you say they do. so maybe that makes me better?

128, she /says/ she gave head to like eight guys. doesn't mean it actually happened.

  AngryNinja  |  1

ignore my failing. my ipod likes to fix my spelling when i mean to be incorrect and not fix it when i mean to be correct. *insert cursing at stupid device here*


Dude, mermaid is not a slut or retarded...in fact, she is one of the more intelligent members of the Fml community and was simply pointing out that this girl probably came off as a slut at school today because her underwear was showing.



no, i responded to the correct comment....the person above me said:
"neither do I but that slut that commented saying the OP is a slut is retarded"
referring to mermaid's comment, which was:
"And they liked it :]

However, you're the school slut now :("
So, i was simply countering his argument.....

oh sh*t....my lawyer parents are rubbing off on me.....i feel horrible...and filthy

  airforce987  |  20

carrot top, he said probably not. he must have posted it when there were no other posts yet and he realized that by the time he finished his comment, there will probably be a post before him

  humorizer  |  14

Airforce, seriously? You have nothing better to do than to namecall someone for their hair color? FYI, Carrottop (the comedian) is extremely rich and in excellent shape. So... are you saying that 'snickerdoodle' is rich and fit? If so, I apologize, carry on calling her a carrottop.

On the other hand, if you're not (which is obviously the case), then why don't you post a pic, and we'll find a name for you?

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