By dorrisdoes - 28/07/2014 20:47 - New Zealand

Today, while working an early shift, I was dressing a wound on a gorgeous guy, when he laughed and pointed out some granny panties next to me on the floor. I guess I forgot to take yesterday's underwear out of my pants before putting them back on this morning. FML
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jazzy_123 20

it had to be the Granny panties and not the sexy underwear. Don't you hate that?

tayymeds 23

hahah just say it was the patient before him. and... check your scrubs.


Happens to the best of us. At least he knows you're wearing clean undies now!

AnOriginalName 19

Or she could be wearing no undies at all....

It's a sign from heaven OP. Dress the wound n forget the guy.

jazzy_123 20

it had to be the Granny panties and not the sexy underwear. Don't you hate that?

the only time i can see this happening is if i was on my period, as i don't wear my sexiest lingerie possible

Can someone explain why people own granny panties full stop? You can get cheap and comfortable pants that are still cute/sexy. So why own them? Genuinely something I've never really understood. Or do I have the wrong definition of granny pants?

Idk what the **** you're talking about pal. Women use granny panties during their period. It's big enough to hold the pads in place. Welcome to period 101.

Did you even read my comment? I just said, you can easily get pants that are cute/sexy whilst still being comfortable. Maybe I should clarify, but this includes being comfortable on your period and being large enough to hold a pad. There are loads of full pants that still have nice materials, patterns, textures, details, trims, etc. That's why I asked if perhaps my definition of granny pants was incorrect. And in case you thought the pink outline was a lie - I'm a girl, I kind of have had periods before.

So you know, I'm really not trying to be an annoying douche...I'm genuinely confused/curious. : /

#41, how could you not know what she was talking about? She provided a strong argument and concise statements. Stop being rude for the sake of being rude. This website literally has the rudest commenters.

#45: It is much better to have a pair of granny panties that you could care less about get stained with menstrual blood than a nice looking pair of underwear, comfortable or not. Personally, I have had accidents happen on nice underwear, and it is hard to completely remove blood stains. that it? I mean I can kind of understand that...but obviously that's a worse case scenario. I don't expect that to happen every day of my period so I don't feel it's worth the risk, or me at least. Plus it's not like I wear decent underwear just for other people - it makes me feel fresh and happy and stuff which I think is especially important at that time when you can already be feeling down. In any case, to anyone that does have that issue a lot....try washing with shampoo, it works wonders. ; )

But wait...if the reason is that it might get ruined ...well, then it doesn't matter either way right? As I said, you can get nice underwear surely even if you stain it and have to throw it out, it doesn't really matter money wise? And if for some reason you keep the stained underwear (maybe you're really broke and/or don't think it's that badly stained) then wouldn't you rather have fancy stained underwear where the stain is concealed by details or patterns than really plain stained underwear where the stain is really obvious? Meaning you might as well wear something nice. The only thing I would avoid would be expensive underwear or underwear that matches a bra because then you end up with half a set. Otherwise, I can't see how it would really be an issue.

lilchica22001 22

#45 You should seriously get a high five for being the coolest guy ever! Thank you for standing up for women on their period. I want to hug you!!

#45 is a woman, so not all that surprising

tayymeds 23

hahah just say it was the patient before him. and... check your scrubs.

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jazzy_123 20

I'm guessing she put her underwear in her scrubs and used the same scrubs the next day and forgot to take out the underwear from her pocket.

She probably took off her scrubs and undies at the same time the night before, and when she put her scrubs back on, her undies were still in the pants and eventually fell out of her pants leg as she walked around.

jazzy_123 20

or that lol makes a lot more sense than mine

There's no need to thumb my comment down. So sorry I didn't understand it the first time I read it. Jeez, you people are insensitive.

I think what she meant by that is at least the guy doesn't know the underwear are hers.

I had to read this four times and physically act out me putting on pants before I understood this...

He pointed out your dressing while you were dressing his wound!

At least he had the thought to ad-dress the issue. Anyone? No? Just me? OK...

You know what? That joke was almost as bad as some of mine. I salute you! Have a +1 for your efforts.


it only takes two taps to downvote, #43. calm down.

RenoTheRhino 30

Tell him they were from another patient.

addictedtoIASIP 14

At least he didn't think they were yours right away, but if he did just hope you never see him again

But if he was really that gorgeous then OP could just say it was the last patient's instead of the embarrassing reality. Then exchange numbers so OP could see him again.