By charitableidiot - 05/06/2014 22:23 - United States - Portland

Today, I went to a fancy charity dinner. I'm a schmoozer, so I decided to introduce myself to someone important. I asked enthusiastically, "So, how are you involved with all of this madness?" He frowned at me. I then remembered that this particular charity assists people with mental issues. FML
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Ouch. Hopefully they weren't too mad


Ouch. Hopefully they weren't too mad

Anthrax - Mad House...

\ 28

That was insanely inappropriate. #56 Ooh can I mention a song too? "I Need Help" - Hopsin

OP sounds a lot like Phil Dunphy.

#28 I can no longer read this FML without picturing OP being Phil Dumphy. lol

Honest mistake, at least you didn't say anything worse than that.

Struggling to think of something worse...

could've played it cool and said you meant it as a good kind of madness.

I think a have a solution to your predicament. Step 1) Take a seat Step 2) Firmly grasp foot Step 3) Open mouth Step 4) Insert foot into mouth Try that, OP. It's just CRAZY enough to work!

Is there a pun somewhere in your comment? I don't see one; I must be losing it.

A pun? Mmmm... No. Not intentionally anyway.

Ah, the 'ole slip of the tongue; providing FMLs since 2010.

I think his secret is out

I guess youll be donating alot of money

TlNext time think of what u r about to say before u do.

or before you comment to FML

Madness? This is Sparta!

Funny. I thought this was SPAAAAAAAAAARTAAAAAA!!!! Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere to end up here in Sparta instead.

No, this is Patrick!