By charitableidiot - 05/06/2014 22:23 - United States - Portland

Today, I went to a fancy charity dinner. I'm a schmoozer, so I decided to introduce myself to someone important. I asked enthusiastically, "So, how are you involved with all of this madness?" He frowned at me. I then remembered that this particular charity assists people with mental issues. FML
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That was insanely inappropriate. #56 Ooh can I mention a song too? "I Need Help" - Hopsin

Honest mistake, at least you didn't say anything worse than that.

Struggling to think of something worse...

could've played it cool and said you meant it as a good kind of madness.

I think a have a solution to your predicament. Step 1) Take a seat Step 2) Firmly grasp foot Step 3) Open mouth Step 4) Insert foot into mouth Try that, OP. It's just CRAZY enough to work!

Is there a pun somewhere in your comment? I don't see one; I must be losing it.

A pun? Mmmm... No. Not intentionally anyway.

TlNext time think of what u r about to say before u do.

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or before you comment to FML

Funny. I thought this was SPAAAAAAAAAARTAAAAAA!!!! Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere to end up here in Sparta instead.

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