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Today, after having lost my phone three days ago, I paid a $150 non-refundable fee to have my phone replaced and mailed to me by Tuesday. A half hour later, I found my original phone. FML
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Sell one of the phones and make some profit!

Not sure what to vote... Kind of depends on how well you looked and how obvious the place was where you found it back.


Sell one of the phones and make some profit!

If it's a half-decent smartphone then that's quite a profit!

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#18, I recently sold my iPhone 4 that I had for more than two years for $240 cash on Craigslist. I'm not sure why people are paying so much for used phones, but I'm happy they are out there.

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I was thinking that as well. hell, you might even be able to sell it for more than $150 on eBay

What 1 said, sell it... for an extra $50 and use the money for stuff on amazon!

So if he does make a profit, is it an FYL or a YDI?

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#38, it's a FTW. We need to petition the FML folks for a third button.

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People are paying so much for used phones is because they don't have to sign another 2 year contract.

Or they have bad credit, no credit and want to just pay for the phone and make a bill for it instead of being owned by the provider for 3 years

perdix - that is why some of us are resigned to having to have FTW in our usernames...:( that button is long overdue

I agree, you'll be sure to make more than 150!!

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They pay that for used phones then they are not stuck in a contract. The phones are actually worth like $600 so the 150 you can get them but you are stuck with a stupid contract.

Sell the new one. Earn your money back. Sorted m8.

She just said it was non-refundable. Or did you mean sell it to some random guy

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That seems to be my luck. Should have ordered the phone earlier!

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How would that have changed anything? OP probably would have eventually found the original phone anyway. And he would still have been out $150.

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Some people pay $1000+ for watches - I'd say this is a good deal! Besides, isn't that the point of a phone?

Not sure what to vote... Kind of depends on how well you looked and how obvious the place was where you found it back.

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And I just saw someone already posted that idea! Great minds do think alike.

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Gah, damnit! Apparently I clicked edit instead of replying to my original comment...I'm not used to the new FML! I had said "sell your new phone and get your money back!".

Keep at it, #9, it gets easier. I'll vote you up for the effort. :D

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^^ Oh, I'm not a stranger. At least, not any stranger than most folk. I do seem to have a need to keep the contents of my two front pockets of equal weight so I don't lean to one side when I walk, but that doesn't make me so strange. Does it? That means since my keys weigh so much, I always have to keep my pocket knife, 12 quarters, two dimes, two nickels, four pennies and 17 paper bills in my left pocket. Every day.…… Wow, I guess I am stranger than most. You're forgiven!! Oh well. Life's way too short to worry about the little things. Carry on. :D

^^ Quick!! ^^ Someone tell me how much his keys weigh?!!

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16/17, I think you have some major compulsions to sort out there.

That does suck, but on a good note- if you ever lose or break it, you already have another to replace it!

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You can sell it (and at a high premium - above retail price if it's unlocked), or trade it in to some eco-recycling website that actually pay you up to 80% of market value for a brand new phone.

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13-I voted you up because of your profile pic. I didn't even read your comment. Heh heh.

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The problem is especially if its Verizon or another CDMA carrier is they make the phone have a bad ESN so it can't be activated. Otherwise people would do this all the time. Not sure about GSM though.

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i'm not from england, usa, australia etc, so i have to ask: can one really say "a half hour later"? i always thought it was "half an hour".

why can't they say it? Also instead of England, you mean the UK. England is only a part of the UK not the whole thing...

Yeah but the English they speak in Scotland is appalling :-P