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  perdix  |  29

#18, I recently sold my iPhone 4 that I had for more than two years for $240 cash on Craigslist.

I'm not sure why people are paying so much for used phones, but I'm happy they are out there.

  royalsgrl  |  14

They pay that for used phones then they are not stuck in a contract. The phones are actually worth like $600 so the 150 you can get them but you are stuck with a stupid contract.

  AsianCookie247  |  14

Gah, damnit! Apparently I clicked edit instead of replying to my original comment...I'm not used to the new FML! I had said "sell your new phone and get your money back!".

  billyz77  |  24

^^ Oh, I'm not a stranger. At least, not any stranger than most folk. I do seem to have a need to keep the contents of my two front pockets of equal weight so I don't lean to one side when I walk, but that doesn't make me so strange. Does it? That means since my keys weigh so much, I always have to keep my pocket knife, 12 quarters, two dimes, two nickels, four pennies and 17 paper bills in my left pocket. Every day.…… Wow, I guess I am stranger than most. You're forgiven!! Oh well. Life's way too short to worry about the little things. Carry on. :D

  19990231  |  29

16/17, I think you have some major compulsions to sort out there.

By  oj101  |  33

You can sell it (and at a high premium - above retail price if it's unlocked), or trade it in to some eco-recycling website that actually pay you up to 80% of market value for a brand new phone.

  Michael_92  |  20

The problem is especially if its Verizon or another CDMA carrier is they make the phone have a bad ESN so it can't be activated. Otherwise people would do this all the time. Not sure about GSM though.