By Sbfreak510 - France
Today, I was in a hurry to get to work and I put on yesterday's jeans. While at my meeting an employee asked me if 'that' was mine and pointed to something on the floor next to me. Which was yesterday's underwear. FML
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  TheFamilyGuy  |  0

well guessing this is a woman, and guessing those aren't granny panties, then when she tore off her pants and panties the night before the underwear got caught in them and stuck with the pants, (I'm hoping these werent some crusty granny panties) but maybe it was a thong and they got caught when she took them off?

  kukopia  |  0

NEWSFLASH!! This just in... Not EVERY guy is like cerebellum!
And, just as socking, cerebellum has proven that HE himself is not aware of this fact!!
Our science editor has heard 'educated rumors' that the universe does NOT revolve around cerebellum, but we're unable to get a credible source to say that on the record at this time.


Maybe to shower, why not rip them off at the same time?
I certainly don't know anyone who'd wear their knickers in the tub. :/
Might as well walk around naked for as long as possible. :]

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Peeping... Tams? Like Tammy?

Actually I see dudes walking around nude more often than chicks. Not literally, of course, but I find it more believable.
As for taking them off at once, I see guys doing that too, just as often as women. It's convenient, boxers or briefs.

If the jeans and underwear were taken off at the same time, I find it hard to believe the OP wouldn't notice them sitting there inside the jeans. For some reason, I thought the underwear actually was located inside the leg of the pants. Sounds impossible, but I've had it happen a couple times. Don't ask me how, I wear underwear to bed, then change in the morning, so I don't know how the hell it sometimes ends up in pant legs.
However luckily I kind of notice right away because A) it fell out while I was holding the pants up, or B) I felt it brush against my leg when putting them on.
In any scenario, I don't see how the OP could NOT have noticed.


Yeah, sometimes I'll find my underwear in the pants leg, but I always realise it's there. Otherwise, I have a serious lump I need to get checked out at the doctor.

Peeping Tam, I think I knew her. She'd stalk the boys' bathrooms and locker rooms, hoping for a chance with Mr. High School Big Shot Athlete.