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Today, during my choral concert, I was helping turn the pages for the pianist who was accompanying the singers. In the middle of the song, one of the pages slipped and fell into his crotch area. In a panic, I frantically reached to grab the music. Well, I grabbed something. It wasn't the music. FML
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#1, Jesus Christ man, there are some things you just don't talk about in public!


#1, Jesus Christ man, there are some things you just don't talk about in public!

Easy way to tell from off stage how this went down #1 If he missed a few keys, stopped and looked all embarrassed then no. If he missed a few keys, kept on playing until he was playing very very fast then it is a yes. ;-)

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:D I wonder if he was hot...

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#2 hey ohmygolly, its me. King_of_Kings. my main account was banned. you can see what happened in FML #210718 i still think we should ban together.

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yo Jimboom. do you have a myspace?

what did you do to get your account banned?

@King_of_Kings I'd personally keep banning your accounts since you don't have anything to put towards these FML stories. WTF is wrong with you. Every damn story is.... "I had my accounted banned" or "it was banned in the story about the girls and the wheelchair guy." Guess what, I don't care you were banned. Follow the rules or ask an admin/moderator the reason. Stop being a huge waste of space by just copy+pasting your "my main account was banned." It's getting annoying. Now.... comment on the story at hand or GTFO. Geez. As for the story at least the pianist probably had a hooray moment unless by chance you're also a dude. Then you both had some FMLs

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hi #6 i said some harsh stuff and my main account got banned. you can see what happened in FML #210718 any other questions, just let me know. im always checking out the new comments

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so you grabbed the pianist's pianis basically

@ king.. ohh i got it.. hope this time you are careful.. :)