By Username - 05/11/2010 22:02 - France

Today, I was reading to a child during nap time because she woke up crying. She calmed down right after I began reading, but soon started crying again. I was confused until I felt something warm and wet on my leg. She peed on me. FML
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You're her territory. She will protect you from other little kids who try to pee on you. Barking is completely normal and should be expected from her.



kluck 0


wow, that would suck, and whatup with #1

hi guyz, watcha doin' ?

looks like urine a lot of trouble

Agree with 14, you mustve been pissed!

25 I can't insert a pun where your comment is. I don't think it's possible.

Ignorance, puns are funny. Don't deny it.



what's a seizer? oooohhh seizure

sound like a shitty situation...oh wait..nevermind


Is it bad that 14 made me lol?

Gary busey makes everyone laugh don't feel singled out my friend Happy Diwali

an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind


better pissed off then pissed on..... wait u got both

fakeaccountX 6

You just got R a child

15 has a nice pussy. OWNED BY A KID

Did you ask her what was wrong? Or maybe she thinks like dogs - 'Oh, a big pole-like thing! Let's see how much piss I can cover it in!' :)

Just marking her territory

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she likes you

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lol aww kids :D

she likes you

good luck with that

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I feel your pain Op this happened to me a couple of weeks ago but instead it was my niece, she's only 1 but while sitting on my lap she managed to pee all over my leg. :(

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The Teacher: Improve your life, and mark your territory

I hardly find that fair (not because it's an achievement). A comment is meant to inspire someone to agree or disagree, and I write a nice long thing with multiple opinions, and it deletes it and first comment gets 'lawlh'..

Or maybe it just deleted my post for the time I was looking for it...still, the argument stands for other FMLs.

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OR maybe it's all an illusion... the cake is a lie

the cake is a lie, PORTAL FTW.

ugh u all saw the ending. THE CAKE IS NOT A LIE. btw portal FTW agreed


Aren't kids lovely?