By sleepy - United States
Today, I was trying to read a book for school, but kept falling asleep. Following some advice from a friend I tried reading on the uncomfortable floor. Two hours later my dog woke me up by peeing on my face. FML
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  Poke_my_mon  |  0

Read "A Prayer for Owen Meany"....
If you can get through chapter one without sleeping... I'll find you and give you fifty bucks.
Feel free to drink Red Bull, Monster or whatever. They can't save you.

By  Tigg3r  |  3

agreed #13. Oh yes OP? Tell your dog I said he is a very good boy/girl and that he/she shouldn't be punished for his/her owner's stupidity. I don't know if the dog is a boy or girl so yeah... I seriously hope it's a boy though.

By  blastvortex  |  3

Perhaps reading with a hot iron sitting on your lap would've been smarter. I also wonder that, if he'd told you that wolverines made good house pets, you might believe him. xD

Now that's what I call a reality check - rude awakening, go!