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By boredatwork - 29/01/2010 15:33 - Canada

Today, I was caught going on Facebook at work. I was called into my boss's office to be reprimanded, and while he was lecturing me on the importance of staying focussed and the misuse of company property, his computer beeped. It was his Facebook chat notifying him of a new message. FML
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SettoFail 9

this is like how teachers can use cell phones in school but kids can't.

You were getting told off for something you really shouldn't have been doing anyway, and then catch your boss doing the exact same thing. That's more of a MLIA.


jisaac09 25

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xyasminsays 0

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Seriously, please learn proper grammar and english before talking at all.

Josher47 0

Today at work I called in one of my employees to reprimand them for going on facebook. just as I was finishing up my computer beeped. I had gotten a new message in facebook chat. fml

MetroidSlayer01 8
jisaac09 25

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thighsofglory 0

Sorry, #1. I thought you were a woman.

That comment alone leads me to believe you're a self-absorbed asshole. Maybe like the Jersey Shore version of Todd from Scrubs.

jisaac09 25

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jisaac09 25

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jisaac09 25

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You have an amazing ability to interpret my comments in an incorrect way.

choosemusic 0

stfu. if he had his face or some damn upside down question mark, would you complain? his body, his account. don't like it, don't look.

Let_it_Be1 0

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quite honestly I do find you very cocky. however I totally agree with the poster who was not attracted to you. both your picture and your attitude are turnoffs.

people taek le interwebz too serious : / Also I don't post pictures of myself on the internet, only on my msn :3 because I know the people on my msn. I just don't see the point of showing off my abs or another part of my body to random people on le interwebz :>

ohhh stfu aha. just cuz hes the dudes boss doesnt mean he can do that! he needs 2 set an example and obvisly he isnt setting a good one!

jisaac09 25

actually the boss isnt always getting paid to do the same job as you...... Im a mechanic and i would be surprised if my boss ever turns a wrench, sometimes the boss is just there to make sure everyone else does there job.... And i get my ass chewed every time i dont get my job done in a timely manner or if its not up to par and my boss is late all the time with her work..... is that right??? yea it really is, cause shes paying me to do my job im not paying her to do hers.....

GRAMMAR NAZI!! Addicting is not a word... use addictive!

You don't have the same rights as your boss, and even if you had you shouldn't slack off at work bro.

Still itsvery hypicritical of theboss

Reyo 2

It isn't a matter of "I'm the boss" it's a matter of "I'm now yelling at you for doing the very same thing I'm doing now". My parents do it all the time when it comes to cussing and they've recently stopped freaking out whever I don't answer the phone right away as a result of my calling them out on the fact that they don't exactly answer the phone all the time either.

spiderman0606 0

Who cares Reyo? You can't see your boss and your parents as equals. They can do shit you can't. They can tell you to do shit you don't want to do (obvious limits, trolls). And in most cases, they deserve your respect. There's a reason they have authority over you.

Maddoctor 10

Yeah bosses deserve respect, but they should get that respect through being a good example for their employees, which wasn't the case in this FML. Even if he was on Facebook and reprimanding someone for doing the exact same thing, he should have minimized the window or done something that wouldn't make him look like a hypocrite, otherwise either his employees will see that as something that's fine to do or lose respect for him.

SettoFail 9

this is like how teachers can use cell phones in school but kids can't.

This is NOTHING like that. Kids shouldn't be using cell phones PERIOD! The irony here it what the boss was lecturing OP about (focus and misuse of company property). Him being the boss and being "allowed to" doesn't come into play. Learn to read people.

Reaper181991 0

yea u say kids shouldnt have cellphones but look at it thus way. ever geard if a little tging called an emergency, like missing the bus ab others i choose not to name

Yeah.. You didn't invent anything. Ageism is actually a real thing. So a person who is guilty of ageism would be an ageist. Wiki it.

I have laerned something new today! thank you.

Reyo 2

Kids make a habit out of texting and facebooking in class when the teacher is trying to teach. Teachers DON'T. See the difference?

girlygirl666 0

@ 20- Ever "geard" of a little "tging" called grammar? Spell check? Punctuation? Literacy? No? Maybe you should be paying more attention in school?

janise 2

You obviously have never attended a public high school in America if you truly believe teachers don't text or get on Facebook when they're supposed to be teaching.

@89 there's a little thing called sarcasm...

thighsofglory 0

After you graduate, you can use your phone in a school building, as if that were a big privilege. And when you sign paychecks on the front side, you can Facebook your ass off at work.

#20: well if kids have emergencies come up, their parents should buy them a prepaid cellphone and not let them have texting, email, internet, etc on their phone. I didn't have a phone that could text until I was 16.

aeslehc_ 0

Prepaid phones and younger teens and kids DO NOT mix, so in an emergency they might have used up their balance, better to just go with a cheap unlimited calling plan if anything.

jrsylilballer6 7

My boss used to lurk /b/. Shit rules #1 & #2. FUUUUUUUU-

allysonrigby 4

you didn't catch yourself?? fail..

nobridgejustwate 0

yeah, that's pretty hypocritical. oh well, get a job at facebook. then you'll be able to use it all you want ;D actually, don't. if you're too lazy to do your work where you are now, facebook doesn't want you.

lem0n_fml 0

Maybe he was on FB to promote synergy, like a boss.

naw......he was hitting on Debra, like a boss.

ahahaha noice #36 xD but yeahh that's messed up, but isn't really an fml.....

lem0n_fml 0

36. You don't need to be on fb to eat chicken strips. He does, however, need it to remember birthdays, like a boss.

Does he have his own bathroom....like a boss?

You were getting told off for something you really shouldn't have been doing anyway, and then catch your boss doing the exact same thing. That's more of a MLIA.

in response to #3, kids shouldn't have cell phones in school because they are there to LEARN. teachers have them because they need them to communicate effectively to one another to keep the school running safely. also in case there's an emergency, such as a kid getting badly injured or something, they'd need it to notify someone.

Reaper181991 0

no they do not. thts what the SCHOOL phones are for. and if you are refering to a school shooting then kids with cellphones make more possibilities for people being able to call the cops

Reaper181991 0

anf they have email to communicate with other teachers. tyerefore they dont need cellphones. also their no better or more important then their students so their families can call the office to have a message relaid just like tye students are supposed to

littlelemur 2

I sense you are a disgruntled high school student. It's my opinion as a soon-to-be credentialed teacher that the reason for disallowing students having phones is because many of them will disrespectfully try to use them during class. The immaturity of one portion (however small or large) sets the rule for the whole group. Teachers, however, have the maturity and discretion to only use them in a real emergency (such as answering a call from a hospital where a family member was just admitted, etc.).

By your own statement students shouldn't have phones due to a portion of them (no matter how big or small) use them inappropriately. That being said there must be a portion of teachers (no matter how big or small) must also be using their phone inappropriately, which by your own words means they should not have them. I'm not condoning students having phones I'm just saying that your being a bit of a hypocrite.

boatkicker 4

I really WISH that my high school teachers had the decency to not use their phones in class. However, that wasn't the case.

actually, I say kids should be allowed to bring cell phones to school as long as the kid is mature about it, as in only using it before or after school. It would be nice for emergencies. What would happen if you are stuck on the bus a few miles from your house, what are you going to do? I've been stuck on a bus for almost an hour before another came, in the middle of nowhere and no one to call because I didn't have a cell phone. If parents were notified by the school that their child's bus broke down, it would take a while depending on how many students there are on a bus. A child might also need it if they are in an after school club and they need to call to get picked up. For those kinds of things, students should be allowed to bring cell phones into school.

If teachers are mature enough to only answer them in an emergency situation, you'd think they'd be smart enough to put them on vibrate. During the moment of silence at my former highschool, the VICE-PRINCIPALS cell phone rang. The function of vibrate exists for a reason.

*former highschool's remembrance day assembly. Just to clarify.

littlelemur 2

Everyone slips once in a while. ::shrug:: meh.

Maddoctor 10

So when a few immature kids text during class, it's ok to take away the privelege of having cellphones in school, but when an administrator's cell goes off during a moment of silence (or meeting, or lecture) when it should be on vibrate or silent it's ok because "everone slips up?" It's just as bad when a student texts when they should be learning in class as when a teacher talks on the phone while they should be teaching in class. There is virtually no difference. In both cases the phone can wait until you're between classes, at lunch, or after school.

Wolfman_Paladin 0

thats exactly the point i was trying to make. im reaper i just needed a new email

So umm, what if there's a power outage and the school's automated system doesn't call parents like it should to have them come pick up their kids? Are the students gonna line up in lines 30 - 45 students long to call home using the teachers cell?

uhm..so you busted your boss doing the same thing you did while he was "lecturing" you about the thing yo did...;P that makes this an MLIA not an FML!

thats what im saying! shouldnt your boss have written the FML? "today, while i was lecturing an employee about not using facebook at work, my facebook chat beeped to inform me that i had a new message. fml"