By Anonymous - 05/11/2010 21:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I was ambushed by a very angry beaver. FML
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was it shaven? I hope so, I hate stubble on beavers

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haha thattook me by surprise! I lol (literally) and then everyone looked at me...

23 I always thought in my mind the worst nightmare that nickelodean ( nickelodean looks mispelled :/ )would team up with Justin Beiber and make a show called Justin Beaver.

Sean, I am disappoint. :[ Mrsassy, I prefer to think in my spleen.

mr sassy pants or mrs assy pants? just wondering

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Nickelodeon. Just start typing it into Google for god's sake.

today i was attacked by a very angry catdog. today i was attacked by a very angry rugrat. today i was attacked by a very angry wild thornberry.

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use soap more often, maybe then it won't ambush you everytime you open your legs

I saw a beaver movie last night, it was the best dam movie I've ever seen.

was the beavers name daggett or norbert beaver by any chance

haha 23 win and that may be the best unintentional grammar Nazi example ever

Angry Beavers, anyone ?? Ahh, the joys of being a 90s kid

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Your FML reminds me how much I miss the old Nickelodeon.

don't you mean Justin beaver? if so YDI for calling him a fag with no balls all the time...wait that's me...

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tgats=thats autocorrect fail!!

if it autocorrects to "tgats" then you mustve spelled it that way a lot.

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auto correct fail as in failure to auto correct >.>

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#7: You should really fix your further details about yourself. If you are about a month older than me, then you should be 16 now. Like me.

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Am I the only one that thought about the cartoon?

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lol... tell her to shave lol jk!!

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Never make a beaver angry you have learned a lesson ur welcome!!

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And where were you that an anger beaver ambushed you?

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That was the first thing that came to my mind.

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He was probably hiding in the woods from his parents, masturbating. He was making so much noise that he woke up a beaver who attacked his balls!

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Actually I think it's a girl....which makes my hypothesis lame.....

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hahaha me learning? it probably was a brothel!

the population of beavers in Britain isn't exceptional I would also like to know where this was

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Justin BEAVER found out his fans don't like him so much. That sucks, F your life bud.

Mind out of the gutter... mind out of the gutter...

It came out of the bushes hoping to gnaw on some nice stiff wood, but op didn't have any to offer, so op got pussy-whipped by the angry beaver!

that's why you're not supposed to get that close to them..? the wild is called WILD for a reason!