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Today, while working at Walmart, I was walking the sales floor and passed the end of an aisle. I saw a customer coming at me from the corner of my eye, so I jumped backwards. I hit a display case, and watched it topple over before turning to apologize to the customer. It was a ladder. FML
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"I'm sorry, but you have the rung guy."

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Imagining the looks you got, and how you tried to play it off.


XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Imagining the looks you got, and how you tried to play it off.

Looks from where, the ladder? You're right! "Yes, this is ladder, I saw what you did, pick that shit up...".

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

No I mean looks from everyone else in the store. Like when you run into a spiderweb and people just see you freak out, but in OPs case it would've looked even weirder.

If you are in the 1% richest people on the planet which you have to make over $870,000 to be. You probably would not be working there.

First of all, you can never trust ladders. You can never be too careful. Second... What the hell are you talking about #30? I almost trust you less than the ladders themselves!

#30 thats great to know except its completely off-topic

unknownfork 12

Haha, funniest thing I've read all day. I didn't read past the "while working at walmart" part though.

"I'm sorry, but you have the rung guy."

^ I see a girl posing but no duck face....where's the duck face?

ladders are known to be pretty unpredictable!

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

I once knew a guy who got killed by a bunch of ladders. Or were they Latter Day Saints? I can never remember.

myoukei 31

The moment you started with "today at Walmart", i knew this was destined to be tragic. FYL indeed. Hope you still have your job...

This is FML. It would've been tragic anyway.

NickaPLZ 26

Not necessarily. There're plenty of YDI moments on here, too. And those I don't call tragic. Only pathetic.

Why do his other two identical comments get thumbed down yet this one is thumbed up?

Because its the first the other two are accidents

24 - This is the third one he posted. Not the first. Smartass.

I work at Walmart as well and it seems like there's an FML there daily at least

myoukei 31

Sorry for the duplicate posts, school internet can be a butt sometimes... ^_^'

Actually it's the first one he posted that's why the other three came after it In #s

myoukei 31

The moment you started with "today at Walmart", i knew this was destined to be tragic. FYL indeed. Hope you still have your job...

myoukei 31

The moment you started with "today at Walmart", i knew this was destined to be tragic. FYL indeed. Hope you still have your job...

Pwn17 25

How exactly did you manage to repost twice?

myoukei 31

School internet? O_O; i only sent it once.

Pwn17 25

Ladders are clearly evil. Can't you tell?

Well, people working at Walmart are at the bottom of the ladder anyway.

People working at Walmart have a job with one of the largest, most stable companies in the world, which is more than you can say about a lot of people. Get your judgmental head out of your judgmental ass.

The continuity of a company has absolutely no correlation with what you get paid and has little correlation with losing your job. Sorry, but your argument is invalid doc.

No, your argument that people who work at Walmart are somehow less than other people is not only invalid, but stupid, judgmental, asinine, and in all other ways ridiculous. Last I checked, Walmart is #1 in the Fortune 500. That isn't irrelevant. Your stupid arguments, on the other hand, are.

Of course that is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the employees working there. Easy as that.

BubbleGrunge 18

Spoken like a true 1%-er, Doc! Walmart is on the Fortune 500 because the owners and high ups make enough money to make the list. It's regular employees make the largest corporation whose employees are on some sort of welfare. Yes, respect for anyone whose working, but I wouldn't wish a Walmart job on my worst enemy.

I feel like Doc's comment was a knee-jerk reaction to impending negativity against Walmart employees because the first comment of this thread was nothing more than a snide remark. So let's just leave it at this, which is the point that soared past us all: Job is hardly the measure of a man. I've met dealers more respectable than most everyone I know and doctors who act like they're dealers themselves. Drop the whole thing, it's not worth debating.

No, none of my comments are knee-jerk. It was a reaction to this moron considering people who work at Walmart to be "bottom of the ladder". Bubblegrunge, I realise the corporate policies there aren't great, and the job isn't great either. But thinking that someone is a lesser person based on a job is elitist and nothing less, and I will NOT apologise for defending people who do an honest day's work and deserve respect for it, no matter whom they work for.

I guess I'm at the bottom of the ladder as well. As a Walmart associate I was quickly recognized for my hard work by getting promoted. I get full time hours on a set schedule, health benefits, paid vacations, and quarterly bonuses. Definitely the worst job ever. (Yes that was sarcasm)

klovemachine 24

As a Wal-Mart worker, I thank you, doc, for defending us because I work hard for what I have :-)

Walmart is the worst place to work, unless you're a manager. All they do is bitch about how everything isn't perfect and then go laugh with their manager friends. Ours do it all the time.

SenselessPattern 12

Sounds like he meant bottom of the ladder economically, rather than socially. This is based on the way he defended his comments. I'm just glad other people recognize his comment was more of a joke in possibly poor taste instead of a declaration about the social status of Walmart employees. If you all wish to continue this imaginary class battle, be my guest.

gabe222 25

Starting out at walmart, I may be inclined to agree, but what other company setting like walmart(say a grocery store or outlet store) gives you the potential to move up, gives you 40 hours with full-time benefits, gives decent yearly pay raises(40-50cents), and a quarterly incentive? I worked for a large grocery potential to move up, no bonuses, no full time or benefits, and certainly no pay increases worth a damn...

I also respect people who do a hard days work, no matter what they do. I can understand how this got your back up.

TwoOneFive 11

Security must be laughing there asses off watching this on camera