By Anonymous - 25/06/2015 07:06 - Australia - Subiaco

Today, I was complimented on my improved performance over the last 3 months. My boss said he doesn't know what I've done to improve, but to keep it up. I'd only started looking for another job, and stopped giving a shit. FML
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rieebee 23

Guess you found the secret to success at your job then!


Dodge4x4Ram 46

when you need something really bad vs. when you don't need it & it finds you. I can relate

Yeah I mean sometimes trying super hard at something (assuming you did) can make you rlly tense and more susceptible to mistakes but if u don't care about making mistakes anymore you are less likely to make one most of the time

rieebee 23

Guess you found the secret to success at your job then!

mds9986 24

Maybe OP was trying too hard and being more relaxed caused him or her to do better work.

johnfulcher90 12

lmao I think everyone is better at everything when they stop giving a shit

ajs1987 15

I gotta watch Office Space when I get home now.

It's funny how when you stop caring you do better then before. Good luck finding a new job because apparently your boss think what you do for the job wasn't good enough until you did nothing

maybe you just took it too seriously before, laid back, noncommittal works better. keep it up!