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Today, I, for some reason, was talking to my mom about money. I jokingly said that the reason we're short on cash is because of her internet porn addiction. She replied, with a straight face, "How did you know?" I'm still not sure if she's joking or not. FML
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Of all the things I would joke about with my mom, an Internet **** addiction is not at the top of list..

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#2, better to walk INTO that one than to walk IN ON that one, if you know what I mean ;)

Lol, either you stumbled across an awkward truth or you just got trolled! Just let it go, you're better off not knowing for sure. ;)

Agreed. Give her (and yourself) the benefit of the doubt.

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um yes it is. then you can cut down on unnecessary costs because you'll have a better understanding of the financial situation

Depending on how old op is both of you could be right.

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I could see the temptation for on demand on a big hd tv every once in a while, but with an hdmi cable that's hardly worthwhile.

Yes, let's get into an in depth discussion.

#18, well then, it is usually a dollar to unlock unlimited access to giantgalaticasses.com for a day. If you keep paying a dollar for a day, in a year you would have payed around $365 a year (plus tax). You could pay $24 dollars a month instead to watch the endless amount of ass and end up only paying around $288. You save around $60. Another way is just to pay the $150 just for the year and unlock ultimate access to high quality ass. I think the smartest one is buy the lifetime membership that costs only $500 and they send you a free t-shirt that says "I have Lifetime to watch GiantGiganticAsses.com" and then OP's mom could wear it very proudly.

#5, you pay for the internet, therefore indirectly paying for the **** you watch on the net?

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#32, you're technically right, it should be "who pays extra for ****?" When you get Internet access, you are buying access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of data. If you want to consume lots of sausage and tuna tacos, you can do so without extra fees.

#25, which one is it - GiantGalacticAsses.com or GiantGiganticAsses.com? The former sounds better ;)

or you could watch **** from the many free stream sites for nothing more than your monthly internet bill..... :)

#44 I meant GiantGalaticAsses throughout, but I I guess my brain was thinking of GiantGiganticAsses instead.

I stole my friend's account, so technically I watch it for free. :p

Not something you want to hear from your mom...

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You pay for the best kinda ****.

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To ensure maximum awkwardness give your mom some tips about where to find some good, free ****.