By Opplyst11 - 18/03/2009 20:37 - United States

Today, I was nude modeling for the first time for a life art class. The only criteria for the class was that I not move at all while being observed. After a few seconds I noticed a really hot girl drawing me. I got a hard on. FML
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Did you see anyone breathe a sigh of frustration, erase furiously and start that section over?


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See, that's why it sucks to be a guy sometimes.

ur right guys get boners almost every morning waking up and at the stupidest times like during exams and whatnot

the worst is right before you have to go somewhere or give a presentation

worst is when your wearing bike shorts or bathers

Yeah...guys have it soo hard. pun intended..:/

the worst is when you have to get up infront of people so you tuck your stiffy in your waist band

I suppose this is the one silver lining of being wheelchair-bound. Sure, I have to sit on them, but you'd never know. MUAHAHAHA!!!!

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After the class you should have told that girl that hardon was for her...haha...

id would be like domt mind that jk but that sucks

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Can't imagine what you sound like when you speak..

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Ummm tell them you wanted to do something different for the class!

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