By taylor_b22 - 13/9/2021 11:01

The things we do for family…

Today, I agreed to spend the evening walking around an antique tractor show for my dad and sons, but I’m bleeding too much to stay out of the bathroom more than an hour. I’m violently ill from it, and I already have a bum knee and asthma, so I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off. FML
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  Vesi  |  28

Having heavy bleeding is not disgusting,. it's life for *every* female gendered body on this planet. WTH is wrong with you? You might want to go to some sex ed classes and lose the antiquated attitude about female bodies.

By  Vesi  |  28

OP, I've had this issue. Please talk to your gyno about what's happening. It's possible you have an issue with occasional ovarian cysts.